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A whole house water softener, especially models that double as water filters, can solve many hard water problems in your home.

Most whole house water supplies feature additives like chlorine and fluoride, as well as mineral contaminants like iron, sulfur, lime, and others that can cause problems like staining or odor.

A common solution is to use pitcher or faucet water softeners, which are effective, but annoying. Pitcher filters must be refilled frequently, and faucet softeners must be attached to all the faucets in the house.

This is where a water softener for the whole house can really make a difference.

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Best Water Softeners

Here are the water softener systems we recommend.

Editor's Choice Nuvo H20 Home

Nuvo H20 Studio

Filtersorb SP3 No-Salt Water Softener

Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System

Whole house systems clean your whole water supply, meaning there's no more pitcher filling or messing with faucets, and all your water is improved, from the tap to the shower.

Hard water – that containing mineral contaminants, causes a lot of problems. Pipe scale, deposits on clothing and dishes, mineral build up in appliances, and decreased cleaning power when you use detergents are all side effects of hard water.

How a Whole House Water Softener Works

Water softeners use a process called ion exchange to trap mineral deposits on resin beads as the water moves through them. This process is done to water coming into the house through the main supply line.

These beads eventually develop calcium, magnesium, and other mineral buildups.

Fortunately, whole house systems use a system that flushes the beads with a regenerant.

People who have sodium sensitivities or controlled sodium diets should be aware that softened water can carry more sodium than hard water, and should discuss this with their doctors in advance.

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