Whirlpool Water Softener

An Energy Saving Home Appliance

Nowadays, a Whirlpool water softener can often be recommended when you are researching water softening solutions.

Whirlpool is just one of the well-known brands and manufacturers of water softeners.

What do Whirlpool water softeners have to offer?

Energy Star Certified

Energy Star is a program initiated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the American Department of Energy. The over-all aim of this project is to promote awareness among Americans of the need to conserve energy and, along the way, to save money.

Under this program, the EPA finds products that are efficient in using energy. Energy Star was first formulated in order to address or reduce the effects of greenhouse gases in 1992. Upon finding energy-efficient products, the EPA tags them with a certificate to inform people that the product can help conserve energy.

If you look closely, every Whirlpool water conditioner and softener that is sold in the market has the Energy Star-qualified power adapters. Hence, you can save energy if you use a Whirlpool model in your household.

Whirlpool WHES20 20000 Grain Water SoftenerWhirlpool WHES20 20000 Grain Water Softener at eBay

Conserves Storage Space

Every Whirlpool water softener is designed to be compact, so that you can save in space. No need to clear a lot of space upon purchasing the softener in order to install it.

A small, enclosed and out-of-the-way space is enough for installing a water softener from Whirlpool.

Advantages of Using a Water Softener

Water softeners are used to "soften" up water. This is done because of a variety of reasons. One, soft water reduces the appearance of spots on dishes and glassware after washing.

Next, you can save up in expenses because a pack of detergent or a bar of soap lasts longer with soft water. These are just few of the advantages that one can enjoy when they decide to use water softeners for their water supply.

There are at least three different models of Whirlpool water softeners sold in the market. All of them have roughly the same features, although there are a few differences set in especially in the grain capacity and the family size that it can accommodate.

Every Whirlpool softener comes packaged with a do-it-yourself installation kit that will guide you in integrating the softener into your water system. You don't need to pay a professional to do the installing for you - although you probably would if you're unsure of the process - because the kit is intended to help you install the system for yourself.

We shall now look at the different features that are distinct with each of the three Whirlpool softener models.

Grain and Salt Storage Capacity of Whirlpool Water Softeners

Grain capacity is defined as the maximum number of water hardness grains that the unit can soften up before it recirculates the water into the system. Each Whirlpool softener has different grain capacities from each other.

For example, the WHES40 model has a total grain capacity of 40,000 grains per gallon. It has the largest capacity because it is ideal for more a household of more than 5 persons gpg.

The WHES20, on the other hand, is ideal for small families of at most 3 people, so it has a smaller grain capacity of 20,000 gpg. The WHES30, built to accommodate a household of at most 4 people, has a grain capacity of 30,000 gpg.

Water softeners use salt to soften up water that passes through them. As such, they store certain amounts of salt that it uses in its processes.

The WHES40, since it has the largest grain capacity, has a salt storage capacity of 200 pounds. It is followed by the WHES30 and the WHES20, which can both store salt as much as 175 pounds.

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