Weststar water softner

by Cathy
(San Tan Valley, Az)

I have noticed that my Weststar water softner lately has been running out of water in the tank. My husband is overseas and has taken care of if for the last 2 yrs.

It was making a noise like constant running tonight. I added potassium to it and ran the water in it because the tank didn't have any water in it.

My son took off the timer cover and reset the timer. But I am afraid that it is going to make that noise again.

He reset the timer to turn on at 800pm. I'm not sure what it was set for in the first place. We never got a book with it either.

The person who came and installed it 3 yrs ago I think was a little shady. I don't now why we didn't get a book either.

Should the tank have water in it at all times? Where does that water come from?

Are the softners matentance free? Where could I get a book for it also?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Thank You, Mrs Cathy Roche

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