WaterSoft iron filter bleeding air?

by Larry
(Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

I have a drilled well with an iron filter and softener setup. Recently the air pump is running every couple of minutes and the pump with it.

When I take the iron filter to bypass the problem stops. First the drain was constantly being fed water. I took the hoses off the iron filter and cleaned everything and the draining is still happening through the drain hose.

But the air pressure keeps dropping below the setting and it sounds like the air is bleeding out in the iron filter. I can't feel it and I tried sealing around all the piping without change. It sounds like the air is flowing in the control valve box on top of the iron filter but I can't feel it.

I'm scared to take the box apart because of the wiring and just general lack of knowledge. Any ideas that might help? I'm worried the air and water pumps will wear out.

Iron Filter: WaterSoft AF10PCSA 239
Nelson Air Pump
Thomas Products Flow Switch Pump Control
Grundfos CU 301 Water pump

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