Waterboss water softener system

by John Hyde
(Berryville, VA)

This Waterboss water softener system requires a lot of salt and work in lugging the 40 pound bags to the basement. It is a simple unit, but the system requires maintenance once a year or so.

I have had to replace O rings, valves and other parts in the softner on a regular basis. They are not cheap, which is how Waterboss stays in business. I spoke to a very helpful and friendly person the last time I called for parts, but in the past they seemed very brusque and at times rude.

There is a large cost to an O ring, as well as the exhorbitant cost of simple plastic parts the softner requires. At least I can get the O rings at the hardware store. The factory is the only place to get the parts, and you will be charged a marked up shipping and "handling" cost.

The heart of the Waterboss water softener system is a circuit board which needs to be fastened accurately in place, for it uses Hall effect sensors mounted to the sensor wheel and turbine.

I found out the hard way that dislodging this board slightly will cause the motor to spin continuously, making the thing go through cycle after cycle. Located in the basement, it is not heard and quickly wears out several major components.

The resulting cost almost equaled the purchase price of the unit. Of course, parts have to be ordered from Ohio and take a while to arrive, resulting in no soft water for several days. To add insult, the shipping and handling cost was excessive.

I would not recommend the Waterboss water softener due to the work in lugging bags of salt and the effort I have had to spend every once in a while to repair it. In fact, if you are not handy with tools, you will spend a fortune in labor costs, as well as paying for the expensive parts. My average parts purchase has been in the $100.00 range each time..

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Oct 09, 2014
Don't buy
by: Anonymous

Installed 1996 waterboss 93000. Brine valve plunger/piston was metal and corroded. I had to remove it once a year and lubricate. Unit would overflow if not. Replaced brine valve with upgraded unit in 2011, fine until now, problem is brine level is too high. Did all troubleshooting for high brine level, but nothing seems wrong.

This product will wear you out.

Nov 21, 2013
by: art

Had nothing but problems with this piece of junk from day one.returned the first one to the vendor after 3 months and numerous part replacements. second one was no better. if you open a faucet during regeneration, the units sediment filter will flood the house with brown , dirty water.customer service is a joke. when you call, you get a teenage girl on the phone who acts like youre interrupting her while shes on facebook.sends you the parts she thinks you need and you fix it yourself while its under warranty.i think i replaced about 60% of th parts on this thing in the first 6 months i owned it. no help at all. brine tank will be full of water after regeneration about once a week.finally just gave it away. save the aggravation and buy a simple,bullet proof unit like the Fleck 5600 and never look back.

Oct 21, 2010
I agree with your comments
by: John

Your comments are right on. I repair this thing once or twice a year and if the marked up shipping costs don't beak the bank, the cost of a simple injection moulded piece of plastic will.

The last time I called them, I was treated to a very friendly person who was helpful. Not so the other times.

I would not get another Waterboss if this one ever needs to be replaced.

Oct 20, 2010
Not very goog---Waterboss
by: Anonymous

2- This is my second Waterboss..nothinmg but trouble. Do not buy. Have had this two years and has not work right from day on. Uses way to much salt...and regenerates at all times of the day even thought the manual says you can setup a regenareation time. spent your money on a different brand.

Feb 28, 2010
Waterboss 700
by: John

I purchased a Waterboss 700 about 8 months ago to be installed in conjunction with a tankless water heater. (they don't like hard water!) Installation
was easy, start up ok. I think the controller directions could be a little better but after getting through all of that, the unit as been flawless. My main consideration was size, as the
unit is quite small and can fit just about anywhere.
I realize 8 months is a short period of time but so far, so good. Count me as a satisfied user.

Jan 28, 2010
Water Boss Problems
by: Ray

Well if your having trouble hauling the 40 lb bags of salt, maybe you should have it delivered and put into your basement. We have had this same unit in for the last 3 years and have not had a single problem. You do have to be careful with any electronic piece of equipment, and if you knocked off that device then thats your fault not the Water Boss's. We had a Culligan softner before this and it used more salt than I could count, and could not get The Culligan man in to fix it without a wait of 2 or 3 weeks and no promises even then.
Sorry your having problems but I think they are self induced

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