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Our site about water softeners, online since 2007, is a leading resource in the quest for easier research into water softeners.

It's our mission to bring you the easiest-to-read, simplest and most accessible reviews of water softeners.

We do our best to ensure they are free of jargon (click to see explanations of popular technical terms on this website).

Three great reasons for reading our reviews:

1. We are super-careful about our research.

We treat the reviews as if we were spending the money on our own system. We don't want to waste our money, and we don't want you to waste yours either.

Salt-Free Water Softeners: Nuvo H20 Home is rated 4 stars on AmazonSmall enough for apartments, affordable, and eco-friendly: the NuvoH20 saltless water softener is a highly recommended product

2. Softeners, for people who have never owned one, are a real eye-opener.

This is especially important if you live in a very hard water zone. Your skin and hair will feel so much better after the shower, and you'll save a ton of cash on detergent, shampoo and shower gel.

3. We're constantly surprised by discoveries.

This includes the amazing salt-free water softeners. Our least favorite job is walking down the basement steps with a heap of salt crystals in a giant bag.

If you've ever almost given yourself a hernia doing the same, then you'll really appreciate never having to do this again!

We hope you enjoy our website, and we're always pleased to receive comments or questions. Click here to contact us.

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