Water Softener Supplies

Types of Salt and Resin and Where to Find Them Online

What kind of water softener supplies are needed in the long term?

Your softener may run out of salt for regenerating soft water, or its resin filter may have been worn out after several uses.

Let's take a closer look at the salt and resin and where to find a water softener supply store online...


Water softeners use salt to remove the grains of hardness found in your water. Softening, by definition, means that the machine removes the presence of metals and minerals that makes it "hard" from the water.

After the water is filtered through a resin, salt is then added to the cleaned water to make brine.

There are two types of salt that can be used by different types of water softeners. Some softeners use salt tablets. Others, on the other hand, use salt grains, or the granular type of salt.


Resin beads are the physical media used to remove minerals and other particles that make the water hard. They are usually made of carbon, which is considered a very effective material to filter out impurities.

There are two kinds of resin for water softeners: standard hi-cap and fine mesh. Standard resin, as you could infer from its name, is the type frequently used by most models of water softeners.

Fine mesh, on the other hand, removes iron more effectively than the standard hi-cap resin. It is usually preferred for softening up well water. However, it works only on softeners that are specifically configured for fine mesh resin.

Where to Find Water Softener Supplies

Like what happened to almost everything else, water softener parts and supplies have been made available through the World Wide Web through the introduction of e-commerce.

Amazon.com offers different types of salt but sometimes they are out of stock. It's worth checking though since Amazon.com often offers discounts and good deals for buying more than one product.

Another big online store selling water softener salt is Acehardware.com which typically offers Cargill and Ace salt.

Resin filters are available from Pure Water Products LLC. It sells both standard and fine mesh resin filters and pays for shipping the product that you order from them. This means savings for you, since resin weighs about 53 pounds per cubic foot.

Another reliable online store is Water Value with big selection of water softener parts and supplies.

Things to Consider When Buying Water Softener Supplies

First you have to know the type of water softener you use. You have to find out if it uses standard hi-cap resin, or if it can operate on fine mesh resin without problems.

You would also need to know if your softener uses salt grains or salt blocks.

If the above mentioned online stores don't offer what you're looking for, then try searching for the exact type of salt or resin in the search box below.

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