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How to Compare Water Softener Systems

Water softener reviews help the consumers select the best model for their home by comparing all of the different models on the market, and presenting the best water softener for you.

Whether you are interested in the Culligan line of products or wish to investigate the latest GE model, a water softener review pinpoints the features and details that make a difference.

As you scan the various water softener evaluations in the industry, you will notice the different ways one may present important information.

Below you will find a few factors to consider regarding the reading of water softener reviews.

Best Water Softener Winners

Water softener reviews of the Fleck consistently prove a favorite among consumers. Click to browse Fleck softeners at Amazon

Although there are many types and brands of water softeners on the market, there are certain manufacturers that consistently market products suitable for any home.

Many reviews show Fleck as a top-rated brand of water softeners in terms of their control valve system. Kinetico water softeners are known for their convenience, which recharge according to volume.

Culligan products provide durability and are known to efficiently remove iron from water supplies. Kenmore water softeners offer a reasonable line of basic to heavy-duty selections, which display extra perks, such as the filtering of larger particles.

For the environmentally conscious, GE softeners work to save energy and reduce salt loss, saving more money for the consumer.

Fleck water softeners consistently prove a favorite amongst reviewers. Click to browse Fleck softeners at AmazonFleck water softeners consistently prove a favorite amongst reviewers. Click to browse Fleck softeners at Amazon

Water Softener Reviews

Culligan Water Softeners - Award Winning Products
As you weigh the different prices and overall cost associated with Culligan water softeners, you may consider the purchase of a product within one of the following series of models...

Calgon Water Softener - A Different Way To Soften The Water
Since its start, Calgon water softener aimed to prevent the formation of unwanted salts that affected the water used for bathing and cleaning. Water softener reviews praise Calgon for price and ease of use.

Kinetico Water Softener - Saves Electricity By Using Kinetic Energy
The Kinetico water softener reviews praise the line of products that have been serving the public since 1970 when two engineers dreamed up the vision of an automatic water treatment system that didn’t need electricity to run.

Kenmore Water Softener - Ideal For Small Households
Kenmore water softener reviews show you a range of models that include the inexpensive Ultrasoft 175 water softener and the ultra 880-model selection.

GE Water Softener - What Makes General Electric Water Softeners So Special?
GE water softeners can accommodate small and large homes and are one of the best when it comes to softening the hard water.

Fleck Water Softener - Saves 50 percent On Salt Usage, With a Lifetime Warranty On Valves
Fleck has great trust in the sturdiness and reliability of their valves and consequently their water softeners. You may want to have them professionally installed though, since home users rarely have the needed experience and skills to do a perfect install.

Rainsoft Water Softener - Understanding the Regeneration Process
You might wonder, how does a Rainsoft water softener work? To understand that, you first need to understand what components and features are there in Rainsoft's softeners...

Whirlpool Water Softener - An Energy Saving Home Appliance
Nowadays, a Whirlpool water softener can often be recommended when you are researching water softening solutions. What do Whirlpool models have to offer, you ask?

Morton Water Softener - How Morton Softeners Help You Save Salt And Water
You'd have to praise for the innovation in every Morton softener that you see. With one feature alone, they have gotten themselves of their competition.

Waterboss Water Softener - For Families Of All Sizes
Every Waterboss model is designed for a specific size of household and for a specific type of water. From this alone, you could see how flexible Waterboss softners are.

Hague Water Softener - The WaterMax Series Are Technologically Sophisticated Home Softeners
Hague water softeners are not that well known but they are protected by 7 patents which implies high level of technology used in their models.

North Star Water Softener - The Cabinet And Two-Tank Softners Take Care Of Any Household Size
All North Star models have some common features like diagnostics, quick-set up, efficiency selector and the patented Look-Ahead technology.

MacClean Water Softener - Comes With A Video Instruction Manual
MacClean offers softeners for domestic and small business use with little maintenance needs, and models for commercial use which recharge during periods of low demand.

Learn about the benefits of saltless water softener systemsYou can read our article about how a water softener works here.

Main Types of Water Softeners

Before you decide upon a water softener for your next purchase, you should get familiar with different types of water softener systems.

Today, there are five different categories of water softeners to consider:

  • manual
  • semi-automatic
  • automatic
  • demand initiated regeneration (DIR)
  • off-site regeneration

With a manual water softener, users are required to open and close valves that are responsible for controlling the frequency, rate, and time length of backflushing or recharging.

A semi-automatic water softener works on a recharging cycle that is activated with the press of a button.

An automatic water softener is usually fitted with a timer that automatically facilitates the recharging cycle and additional steps within the process. A user simply sets the timer and adds salt when needed. This is often the most popular selected softener on the market.

A demand initiated regeneration (DIR) water softener works under an automatic response to the water in relation to the demand for softened water. Usually, two softening tanks (one for softening and the other for recharging) and a brine tank are included.

Off-site regeneration involves rental units that replace a used softening tank with a recharged unit. The used model is then recharged at an off-site location.

Water softener systems help prolong the life of appliancesWater softener systems help prolong the life of appliances

Water Softener Reviews: Features of Softener Systems

One of the water softener benefits you'll notice after fitting a system are prolonged life of your appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines.

To enjoy water that doesn’t create residue or scum in the bathroom, kitchen, and washing machine, it is important to compare water softener reviews, which analyze the performance and value of various models.

Plenty of independent water softener consumer reports are offered on the Internet or through specialized magazines. As you skim through a review of water softener technology and models, there are certain factors to notice.

The control valve brand and type associated with a water softener system is important, as the manufacturer should have a good track record of satisfaction with consumers.

It is important to remember that the control valve is the pulse of the softener and quite expensive to replace when things go wrong. This is the part of the unit that measures water usage and figures out when it is time to regenerate the resin bed.

Regeneration is an important part of a water softener review, as it refers to the way a particular unit cleans and replenishes itself. When reading reviews, you will decide whether or not you want a system that regenerates on demand or with the help of a timer.

This decision will help narrow your choices. Also, keep in mind that a demand-based unit is more efficient for the household and recommended for homes with more than two people. The cost is also much higher with the sort of system.

The ease of operation and water softener installation is another detail consumers seek out when looking over a water softener review. Additionally, if you require a professional to hook up your water softening system, how much will it cost?

The Best After-Sales Care

Some consumers are swayed by guarantees and warranties, as a decent system should last up to ten years without the threat of high repair bills.

A wise shopper investigates the cost of replacement parts before making a final decision. In the end, using reviews to research potential water softeners before making a purchase is recommended in order to make the most cost-efficient and effective selection.

Today, consumers may browse reviews with a numeric rating scale, first-hand testimonials, and in-depth accounts, such as Consumer Reports, which offers convenient comparison charts.

Hopefully, consumers can make informed decisions regarding the size, installation requirements, unit construction, convenience, and water softener rating (amount of minerals removed before the unit recharges).

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