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Water softener ratings help you to avoid under-performing models before you purchase them.

Our ratings of different water softeners cover a wide range of manufacturers, prices, and features.

Read on to find out which water softener systems you should invest in for your family.

These Products Received The Highest Water Softener Ratings

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a) Under $1000

Fleck 5600SXT ranks among the top water softener ratings  Big-home performance for a small budget priceFleck 5600SXT ranks among the top water softeners available. Big-home performance for a small budget price
Salt-Free Water Softeners: Nuvo H20 Home is rated 4 stars on Amazon  Nuvo H20 Studio a great solution for apartments, condos or small housesSalt-Free Water Softeners: Nuvo H20 Home is rated 4 stars on Amazon Nuvo H20 Studio a great solution for apartments, condos or small houses
Cai Technologies is a bit of a no-name, but the performance is excellentCai Technologies Water Softener the best company you've never heard of! NOTE: list price is over $1,000
The most controversial of the best-rated water softeners. Do electronic descalers work?Eddy Electronic Descaler the cheapest available whole-house solution, but it's controversial
The Aquios is a very well-rated water softenerAquios Whole-House Water Softener the best conventional water softener for under $500
Nuvo's H20 Home can soften water in larger homes than the Studio modelNuvo H20 Home Water Softener the next model up from Nuvo will soften water for mid-size homes

b) Over $1000

PuriTec is a hugely impressive performer, if you can afford the pricePuriTec TWFS-10C Water Softener and Filter it costs more than $2,000, but if you can afford it, it's unbeatable
Nuvo's flagship Manor model is impressive, and $1 under $1,000!The company's flagship softener will condition a whole large house NOTE: it actually costs $999!

How We Rate Water Softeners

The amount of water treated and the ease of installation and operation are important factors. It's impossible to ignore the required investment. Today, the average cost of a water softener system (including installation) often ranges between $700 and $1,600.

Value for money impacts how a water softener ranks. If we think the system over-delivers for the price, then that improves its rating.

Some people compromise quality for cost, as they seek out cheaper models to accommodate their water needs. But not all systems are Nuvo's H2O series, which offer excellent value, especially when you consider they are salt-free water softeners. No more salt refills!

Water softener ratings also take into consideration how often the system must regenerate (typically at least once every two weeks). This factor depends on how hard your water is in the first place.

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