Water Softener Problems

Common Problems And How To Solve Them

Common water softener problems are mostly health-related.

There are situations and circumstances where using a water softener is not advisable as it could adversely affect one's health.

Let's take a look at each water softener problem that usually happens...

Sodium-Related Problems

Many water softener manufacturers claim of designing their machines to consume as little salt as possible, so as to keep sodium content to a minimum. To some extent, these claims hold water. However, the presence of sodium poses a risk to those who maintain a salt-free diet. This exposes to them to the risk of hypertension and heart problems.

The best way to answer these is a bypass pipe that will allow hard water to be used for cooking, while the water used for drinking is subjected to the softening process.

Another effective but costly solution is to get yourself one of those machines that uses a sodium-potassium solution to minimize the sodium content in the soft water. However, these machines are costly and are available only to those who are financially capable of doing so.

Studies also show that cardiovascular complications have less chances of rearing their ugly heads when a person uses hard water.

Other water softener problems related to the sodium content of softened water center on its uses. If you use softened water for watering the plants, the amount of salt in its constitution will surely kill the vegetation. If not, their growth will still be adversely affected.

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Absence of Minerals: Is It Good or Not?

There is a theory being put forth that if you kill off all the bacteria in our body and even in the skin, you are doing more harm than good. This is because our body relies on a delicate balance that governs our immunity to the different sicknesses and complications that we can potentially succumb to if we were not immune to them.

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Softened water - Does it contain enough minerals?

The same goes water softeners. The softening process services to eliminate all of these in the constitution of the water, because minerals are the main cause of the scaly build up in the tiles and surfaces that hard water touches.

However, water softeners are indiscriminate in removing the minerals from the water. This has led to some people complaining that the minerals beneficial to our body are also removed during the softening process.

Experts defending this argument, though, address these water softener problems by stating that the minerals we needed for our body can be gained from the food that we eat and not solely from the water that we drink.

In a sense, the statement gives the message that the benefit - the softness of the water - far outweighs the disadvantages mentioned in relation to the mineral content of the softened water.

Water Softener Problems Can Cause Plumbing Issues

There are also water softener problems related to the household plumbing that could arise from the installation of a water softener.

The typical problem centers on the size of the system. Water softener systems that are quite big for the house's plumbing system can cause inefficiency for the system while systems that are too small restricts the flow of household water. There is also the risk of hard water leaking into the plumbing system with small softener systems.

Softened water also leaches heavy metals from the piping. At some point, this could pose danger to your plumbing system.

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