Water Softener Prices

And Recommended Water Softeners In Each Price Range

Water softener prices typically range from below $1,000 to several thousand Dollars.

Luckily, some of our favorite, top-performing and best-rated water softener systems cost well under $1,000. These water softener prices are unbelievable!

Some enterprising companies now manufacture systems designed for smaller homes, such as condos or apartments, or homes lived in by only one or two people.

Our Editor's Picks For Each Price Range

  • Under $1,000: Nuvo H20
  • $1,000 to $2,500:  PuriTec TWFS-10C
  • Over $2,500: Water Dove

Water Softener Price Range Below $1,000

Editor's Choice

If you have owned a salt-based system before, then you must have realized that it caused more inconvenience year after year than the benefits you are supposed to get.

With the birth of this NuvoH2O Home Complete Salt-Free Water Softener System, those bulky, salt-based water softeners are history.

NuvoH2O offers a natural, cost-effective solution to hard water problems that had long troubled thousands of households across the country.

With NuvoH2O, you can enjoy salt-free soft water that removes hard water build-up clogging and attacking your home plumbing and appliances, while preventing the same from building up again for the months and years to come.

Major establishments, commercial kitchens, and laundry facilities benefit from the same technology nuvoH20 uses. Now, exactly the same science is made available for residential use. And at these water softener prices, you can't go wrong.

Small enough for apartments, affordable, and eco-friendly: the NuvoH20 saltless water softener is a highly recommended productSmall enough for apartments, affordable, and eco-friendly: the NuvoH20 saltless water softener is a highly recommended product

Nuvo H20 Home Salt-Free Water Softener: Pros and Cons

+ Eco-friendly: this water system contains recycle-friendly components, doesn't use salt, electricity, or waste water

+ Minimum maintenance: no more hassles of lifting bulky bags of salt and pouring them in to keep your salt-based water softener running. NuvoH2O makes use of a lightweight, compact cartridge that lasts for six months

+ Space-saving: the salt-free water softener unit only measures 5" wide x 24" long, saving valuable space in your home. It can even be strategically located in places other bulky softeners can't go

+ Well-priced: NuvoH2O costs less than other comparable salt-free and salt-based water systems. Annual maintenance cost on replacement cartridges is less expensive than water softener salt, too

+ Highly effective: There are immediate results but it can also take days, even weeks, to really see the difference. (Your hard water took years to clog up your pipes, remember!) There is a noticeable difference in water softness when you shower. The white scales around the shower head and bath fixtures disappear in time, rusty color in toilets diminish, and water spots in the dishwasher start to reduce

- Leak issues: the water can leak if the gasket moves out of place when you're installing. Just be sure to hold and position it in place during installation to avoid the problem

Nuvo H20 Home Salt-Free Water Softener: Conclusion

This amazing water system is a great improvement for your home if you want to save space, money, effort, and does your bit for the planet, too.

If you are looking for an excellent and cost-effective salt-free water softener solution for hard water, this is highly recommended.

The NuvoH20 is an affordable product that works, making your water taste and feel great, is apartment friendly with a small size, and priced at far less than many whole-house water softeners.

A great investment that pays itself over time. This is our #1 choice for home owners on a budget.

Nuvo H20 in useNuvo H20 in use

Water Softener Price Range From $1,000 To $2,500

Editor's Choice

The most popular model in this price range is the PuriTec TWFS-10C Whole House Water Filter and Softener which costs a shade over $2,000, but is well worth it if you have a larger family.

It can handle homes with up to four and a half bathrooms, so no matter how big your house is, it's probably more than capable of softening your city water supply.

What's nice is that the PuriTec also filters the water. That means it takes out any impurities from your drinking water.

Most of the softeners we've tested don't offer this dual-purpose benefit, and that's why we recommend it despite the higher asking price.

PuriTec TWFS-10C Whole House Water Filter and Softener from AmazonPuriTec TWFS-10C Whole House Water Filter and Softener from Amazon

PuriTec TWFS-10C Softener and Filter: Pros and Cons

+Eco-friendly: this water system doesn't use electricity, or waste water with backwashes

+High capacity: can condition water supply for a house with up to four and half bathrooms, great for bigger families

+Two for the price of one: your drinking water will be filtered while the water is being softened. This will improve your drinking and bathing water at the same time

+Customer service: PuriTec has legendary standards of after-sales service

PuriTec TWFS-10C Softener and Filter: Conclusion

What is so special about the TWFS-10C from PuriTec?

It's an all-in-one solution, conditioning your water completely at the point of entry to your home.

This means you will never need under-sink, shower, or other point of use filters or softeners.

The unit comes from a company which really backs up its customers with fantastic service. Not that you'll need them very often -- this unit performs superbly.

At such a low water softener price, you really can't beat the incredible value of this combined softener and filter.

PuriTec TWFS-10C Whole House Water Filter and Softener from AmazonPuriTec TWFS-10C Whole House Water Filter and Softener from Amazon

Water Softener Price Range Above $2,500

Editor's Choice

Great news! Our top choice of system for over $2,500 just got dropped in price to a little over $2,000!

The Water Dove filter and softener system should need no maintenance for five to seven years.

With 700,000 to ONE MILLION gallons of water conditioning between services, you won't need to pay much attention to it once it's installed.

It's now available from Amazon, so you can enjoy the company's legendary service and free shipping.

Water Dove Whole-House Filter and SoftenerWater Dove Whole-House Filter and Softener

Water Dove Whole-House Softener and Filter:
Pros and Cons

+ Set and forget: five to seven years of filtration and softened water for your entire home without any routine maintenance

+ High capacity: up to a million gallons of water with no need to change your filters!

+ Two for the price of one: total conditioning without the need for point of use softeners or filter systems

Water Dove Whole-House Softener and Filter: Conclusion

Extremely high quality of water conditioning, without the hassle of routine maintenance?

The only system we can thoroughly recommend is the Water Dove.

Amazingly great timing that this unit now costs less than $2,500 -- it's still the one we recommend, even if you can afford to spend more.

Why bother? This system does it all.

Shop around if you must, but this is the one we would recommend above all others.

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