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Although a water softener is made up of several different parts, it is not a complex machine.

The mineral tank is the main component, where the actual softening of the water takes place.

As hard water moves through rocks in the environment, it picks up positively charged magnesium and calcium ions.

The mineral tank, containing a negatively charged resin bed, draws the calcium and magnesium out of the water as it passes through and then retains those ions in the resin bed.

As a result, soft water is created, flows out of the tank, and into the house.

The brine tank is the other major part of the water softener. This tank contains a salt solution, which needs to be topped off regularly by the homeowner.

Water Softener Resin Emergency!

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The brine tank is triggered to flush out the mineral tank with sodium water once a certain amount of water has been passed through and softened.

Since sodium is highly concentrated, the calcium and magnesium ions that were caught in the resin bed are cleaned off, which enables the resin bed to continue picking up elements as they pass through.

Once this process takes place, the brine water is released down the drainage pipe along with the calcium and magnesium ions.

Every water softener has a central processing unit, or brain, to make sure the other parts operate properly. This all important part is made up of three parts - the meter, timer and valve assembly.

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The timer and meter monitor the ion level and initiate the recycling phase. The valve assembly regulates the flow of water at each point of regeneration.

Finding Water Softener Parts Online

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Know ahead of time the make and model number of your softener so the parts can be easily identified.

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