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Compare Water Softener Systems, by Brand, Price or Type

A water softener comparison can help you choose the right water softener for you and your home.

First, let's see why you actually need to soften the water and then you'll compare different types of water softeners to see which one is best for your needs.

"Hard water" is a term that we use for water that has too many dissolved minerals, above all magnesium and calcium. The more calcium and magnesium water has in it the higher degree of hardness it has.

Water naturally passes through dirt and rocks. As it does this the water holds on to small amounts of the minerals. Magnesium and calcium are the two most common found in hard water.

What Are The Problems Hard Water Can Cause?

Hard water is not necessarily a health risk, but it can cause many annoying problems in your home that you would probably rather avoid.

You can get mineral build up on your pipes – anywhere your water touches, even in your sinks and in your bathtub.

You will also get clogs more often because of the mineral build-ups inside the pipes.

Hard water also makes your washed clothing dingy and hard to the touch. When you take a bath you might notice a film of soap left on your skin. Your hair might be dull and difficult to manage.

If you use a dishwasher you might have dishes that are spotty and covered in a film.

These are just some of the problems you might encounter if you have hard water. The harder your water is, the worse the problems will be.

Find out more about how water softeners work in our related articleFind out more about how water softeners work in our related article

How to Determine the Quality of Your Municipal Water

If you get your water municipally you can simply call your city hall and ask how hard the water is. However, if you get your water privately, or just want to test it yourself anyway, you can do this right at home.

Most water softener companies can supply you with a free water testing kit. Your water will be tested with results showing in grains per gallon (G/G), parts per million (PPM), or milligrams per liter. Alternatively, buy one of the affordable water testing kits at Amazon.

Here is a guide to help you see how hard or soft your water is:





0 - 17.1

0 - 1

Slightly Hard

17.1 - 60

1 - 3.5

Moderately Hard

60 - 120

3.5 - 7


120 - 180

7 - 10.5

Very Hard



Use this guide or the guide that came with your water tester to see where your water falls in.

Once you know, and if you do have hard water, you can start shopping using the water softener comparison below.

Water Softener Comparisons by Brand

There are two main types of water softeners – precipitating and non-precipitating.

These can be chemical softeners, reverse osmosis water treatment filters, electro magnetic water treatment conditioners, and mechanical water treatment softeners.

There are even magnetic water conditioners that can keep the calcium and magnesium in the water for dietary benefits.

Our water softener comparison also includes different manufacturers and a brief overview of their models:

Culligan Water Softeners

The Culligan Medallist Plus Series are made for medium sized homes, while the Culligan Platinum Series are made for large homes and small businesses.

There are also the Culligan Outdoor Water Softeners with a professional installation if required.

Kinetico Water Softeners

If you want to fix problems with your drinking water you can get a Kinetico drinking water system to filter out chemicals in your water. You can get one unit for one part of your home or you can get a whole home system.

Kinetico also offers problem water filters to help you with any type of water problem you may have.

Kenmore Water Softeners

Kenmore has a large variety of water softeners to help you with hard water problems. There are Kenmore whole home systems and drinking water systems.

Kenmore also offers specialty products to help with a myriad of other possible water problems.

Calgon Water Softener

Calgon water softeners are much different than the products listed above. Calgon offers a solution for your laundry needs with a liquid that you add to your washer.

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This can help you a great deal if your hard water problems only seem to effect your laundry.

Pelican Water Softeners

Pelican offers a few different types of water softeners: one for 1 to 3 bathrooms, one for 3 to 6 bathrooms, and whole house water softeners.

Water Softener Comparison: Products and Prices

Product Name

Made In




United States

$350 - $700

30 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


United States, Canada, Denmark, France, England


Contact Company For Warranty


United States

$400 - $800

1-3 Year Limited Warranties


United States

$700 - $1500

5 year Guarantee


United States,

$4 - $5

Comes as a liquid for your washing machine

The best way to use the above water softener comparison table is to have a quick look at the prices and warranties to see which company would fit your budget.

Then research various models for each company (you can use this website) and choose the right model for your needs depending on the water consumption in your home and how hard is your water at the moment.

We will be updating our water softener comparisons and the related articles section below with more detailed reviews of water softeners to help you compare and choose the best model for your needs.

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