Top 10 Water Softener Benefits

It's Not Just Soft Water You'll Benefit From

Main water softener benefits are of course providing you with soft water, free of dissolved magnesium or calcium.

Water contains all types of materials that it absorbs from the surrounding ground in which it resides.

Usually, magnesium, calcium and even sulphur are found at levels that are considered unhealthy to humans. These materials must be filtered out for several reasons, the most important being health reasons.

Sulphur can make a person extremely ill and in drastic cases, even death. This is not common, but it does happen occasionally.

Magnesium and calcium are helpful to us, but at lower levels than we get from ground water.

Top 10 Benefits of Softer Water

  1. Water softeners remove these materials and provide our homes, trailers, RVs and country homes with good tasting drinking water. While this is probably the most popular reason to use a water softener, there are several other benefits of water softeners that you may not even realize.
  2. Soft water does not react badly with soaps and detergents. This means no bathtub "scum" that can’t be washed away, bathing is more effective and soap lathers better.
  3. As a result of the softened water acting better with soap, your hair and skin are softer. The dry, itchy feeling you used to feel after bathing with hard water is gone.
  4. Also, the washing machine cleans your clothing better and since the mineral deposits are eliminated, your clothes last longer and stay brighter.
  5. The unsightly scale that builds up on showerheads and faucets is a thing of the past.
  6. Drinking water tastes better. Some water softeners are available with a fluoride dispenser for added benefit.
  7. Appliances and utilities like teakettles, drinking glasses, pots, pans and sinks no longer have that dirty, gritty feel. This is caused by the minerals in the hard water precipitating and adhering to whatever it touches.
  8. Drains have become clogged by hard water deposits costing the homeowner loads of money to have fixed or repaired. This alone is a major water softener benefit.
  9. Believe it or not, mineral deposits can actually precipitate out of the water and cling to anything. Curtains can become dingy, a "scummy" build up on counter tops and windows is not uncommon.
  10. It is absolutely affordable for anyone to implement the use of a water softener in his or her home. Depending on which system you opt for, you can spend from about $100 to over $2500. The savings of electricity for less washing, fewer expensive repairs and more peaceful mind far outweigh the one time expense of buying a water softener.

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