Best Water Hardness Test Kit Products Reviewed

Don't Invest in Hard Water Solutions Until You Use a Hard Water Test Kit

Most homeowners have never used a water hardness test kit.

You might think it's an obvious thing to do BEFORE investing hundreds of dollars in a whole house water filter!

But so many people see white spotting on their glass and metal surfaces, and panic into buying more water softener than they truly need.

A simple hard water test kit costs a few bucks, but it could save you ten to thirty times what you spend on the test.

The price difference between a high-end water softener, and the one you actually need for the volume of water your family uses, can be $300 or more.

Currently they cost under $15 on Amazon. That's a no-brainer for any family that's concerned about their drinking water.

Recommended Water Hardness Test Kits

Here are the top three products in this category, with notes about why we like them above competing products.

#1: SofCheck Water Hardness Test Strips

+ Price: Under $15 at time of writing

+ Performance: Five-star ratings across the board from people who rely on it to test their water before employing hard water solutions

+ Simplicity: Just dip and compare the strip to the color chart supplied!

- Only tests hardness: Does not test for other contaminants in your city water

#2: HM Digital TDS-3 Handheld Meter

+ Price: Under $20 at time of writing

+ Performance: 4.5 stars average review, easy to use

- Can be complicated: Users report difficulty interpreting the results

#3: HM Digital TDS-4 Total Dissolved Solids Meter

+ Price: Under $30 at time of writing

+ Performance: 4.5-star ratings from owners

+ Easy to use: Just dip and press the button

- Not waterproof: You can only dip the tip, because the rest of the device is NOT waterproof!!

How Hard Water Test Kits Work

If you remember dipping little strips of paper into beakers in science class, then you're not too far off the mark with a water hardness test kit!

The paper you used back in high school was Litmus paper. It changed color depending on the PH of the liquid you dipped it into.

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Red was acidic, blue was alkaline, and green was neutral. The darker the color, the more concentrated the acid or alkali.

The testing strip kit is just the same. You dip to find out how much hardness is in your city water.

Test For Other Contaminants Too

We have an interesting extra solution for you in the box below.

While you're testing for hardness, you might as well test for everything else that's in your water too...

What ELSE is in Your Water?!

A WaterSafe drinking water test kit is similar to a water hardness test kit. But it's much more comprehensive.

It also tests for pesticides, bacteria, nitrate and nitrite content, lead and chlorine, as well as hardness of your water.

Once you know what's in your municipal drinking water, you can make a "hit list" of products which will remove those contaminants.

Get yours for under $20 at Amazon.

Don't forget that it ALSO acts as a hard water test kit! Two for the price of one.

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