Storing a Water Softener?

by heather
(pleasant grove utah)

Storing a Water Softener?

We are moving and want to take our water softener with us, but we will have to store it for maybe up to two months the longest before we can get it into our new house and all hooked up.

We asked a plumber if this was possible and he said no. He said that bacteria will grow in our softener, and that we should leave that one there and buy a new one.

I hate to leave the water softener, since we recently purchased it. Is there anything we can do so that we can store it and reuse it in our new house?

Editor's reply: Thanks for asking this interesting question, Heather.

We recommend one of the following two approaches. Honestly if you can, sell it to the new owner of the house. We're not sure about the mold issue, but water softener systems are not really designed to be moved from place to place.

1) Talk to the purchaser of your home. Explain the reason you installed a water softener (hard water, staining etc.) and say that you plan to remove the softener. They will then have to replace it, or face the same problems.

Show them the receipt for the purchase, imply that you spent $$$ on the installation by a professional, and say you are prepared to sell it to them for the original purchase price. They may go for that to avoid the hassle of looking for one, and to save the installation fee.

2) Otherwise, you will need to mold-proof your softener before storing it. This is just a matter of draining it completely, then sealing all the inlets and outlets with Saram Wrap, duct tape etc. It's not a guarantee of success, but if the storage area is dry and cool, it may be okay.

Let us know what you decide on, and how it goes, by commenting below.

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