Shower Water Softener Models

Two Recommended Shower Head Softeners

Why should you get a shower water softener?

Studies have shown that iron in the water causes discoloration, especially in the hair.

For example, iron makes blond hair take a slightly orange tint.

Iron also makes it difficult for soap to be rinsed after being applied on the body, which could lead to complications and itchiness in the skin.

Having a water softener for shower also ensures that there are no traces of magnesium or calcium in your bath water.

This helps you avoid contracting eczema, psoriasis, skin yeast infections and itchiness in the scalp. The absence of magnesium and calcium in the water also prevents dry skin.

With all the tough minerals and metals removed by the water softeners, you don't have to bother cleaning up scaly residue that the minerals in hard water usually leave on smooth surfaces like your bathroom tiles.

The presence of these residue is greatly diminished or even eliminated by having a shower head water softener.

Just so you could have something to choose from, here are two samples of shower head water softeners.

WaterChef Shower Filtration System

WaterChef is a well-regarded filtration specialist. We loved their undersink reverse-osmosis system.

This one is far cheaper than the undersink unit, but of course it only works on your shower at point of use.

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Customer reviews are virtually unanimous in their praise of this exceptionally well-performing product.

We think you can't really go wrong. WaterChef is fast becoming one of our favorite companies.

RainShow'r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter System

Another shower filter that is very well received by its users is the Rainshow'r CQ-1000-MS.

Just check out their verdict! Five stars all the way.

We love the price of this exceptionally affordable unit (currently under $40).

You will wonder why you never invested in a shower filter earlier!

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