Salt-Free Water Softener Guide

The Benefits of Saltless Water Softeners

There are many great reasons to invest in a salt-free water softener.

A no-salt water softener helps to keep your heart healthy by reducing the amount of sodium in the water you drink.

Regular water softeners which run with salt increase sodium in drinking water dramatically.

It's not good for the planet to be dumping sodium into your waste water, either, making a saltless water softener a more green choice.

Reviews of Salt-Free Water Softeners

Here is a list of the no-salt water softeners carried out by All Water Purification. Click any link to be taken to the review.

Editor's Choice Nuvo H20 Home

Nuvo H20 Studio 

Filtersorb SP3 No-Salt Water Softener 

Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System

How They Work

Salt-free water softener models that use potassium chloride salt substitutes, or other methods of softening, such as magnetic water softener products, are a good choice for people who want to consume less salt.

See this article for the dangers of sodium at Health Canada, and this article about dietary sodium by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The saltless water softeners are also a lot easier on your back, as any home owner will sympathize with if they've carried 45-pound bags of salt crystals into the basement!

Choosing Salt-Free Water Softeners

You can read our article about how a water softener works here.

Convinced? Okay. What options do you have if you want to limit the amount of sodium in your drinking water, but still want to soften it?

You can bypass the drinking water faucets in your house, so they are not softened.

Water filters are sometimes installed to remove the sodium from drinking water.

Another option is to choose a no-salt water softener, either as your first softener, or as a replacement for your existing salt-based model.

See more benefits of saltless water softeners below the reviews.

Learn about the benefits of saltless water softener systemsLearn about the benefits of saltless water softener systems

Salt-Free Water Softeners: Nuvo H20 Home

Editor's Choice
If you have owned a salt-based system before, then you must have realized that it caused more inconvenience year after year than the benefits you are supposed to get.

With the birth of this NuvoH2O Home Complete Salt-Free Water Softener System, those bulky, salt-based water softeners are history.

NuvoH2O offers a natural, cost-effective solution to hard water problems that had long troubled thousands of households across the country. With NuvoH2O, you can enjoy salt-free soft water that removes hard water build-up clogging and attacking your home plumbing and appliances, while preventing the same from building up again for the months and years to come.

Major establishments, commercial kitchens, and laundry facilities benefit from the same technology nuvoH20 uses. Now, exactly the same science is made available for residential use.

Nuvo H20 Home Salt-Free Water Softener: How It Works

NuvoH2O's technology is based on the scientific process of chelation. Metal ions that cause hard water, mainly calcium and magnesium, are bound to NuvoH2O's FDA-approved chelating agent, keeping these minerals completely soluble and unable to cause hard water problems.

During the process, beneficial minerals are kept in the water. The end product is soft, healthy, and safe water for household use including drinking, bathing, washing, and more.

Instructions are detailed and thorough. Installation may take about an hour, but it depends on how the pipes are configured in your home. You're strongly advised to spring for a plumber to install it, but if you are a bit handy and your home's pipes are not too messily arranged, installing the unit on your own might not be that hard at all.

Tip: Pay close attention to the "in" and "out" ports during installation. This is a common mistake during installation; the unit won't work if you get these mixed up.

Nuvo H20 Home Salt-Free Water Softener: Pros and Cons

+ Eco-friendly: this water system contains recycle-friendly components, doesn't use salt, electricity, or waste water

+ Minimum maintenance: no more hassles of lifting bulky bags of salt and pouring them in to keep your salt-based water softener running. NuvoH2O makes use of a lightweight, compact cartridge that lasts for six months

+ Space-saving: the salt-free water softener unit only measures 5" wide x 24" long, saving valuable space in your home. It can even be strategically located in places other bulky softeners can't go

+ Well-priced: NuvoH2O costs less than other comparable salt-free and salt-based water systems. Annual maintenance cost on replacement cartridges is less expensive than water softener salt, too

+ Highly effective: There are immediate results but it can also take days, even weeks, to really see the difference. (Your hard water took years to clog up your pipes, remember!) There is a noticeable difference in water softness when you shower. The white scales around the shower head and bath fixtures disappear in time, rusty color in toilets diminish, and water spots in the dishwasher start to reduce

- Leak issues: the water can leak if the gasket moves out of place when you're installing. Just be sure to hold and position it in place during installation to avoid the problem

Nuvo H20 Home Salt-Free Water Softener: Conclusion

This amazing water system is a great improvement for your home if you want to save space, money, effort, and does your bit for the planet, too.

If you are looking for an excellent and cost-effective salt-free water softener solution for hard water, this is highly recommended.

The NuvoH20 is an affordable product that works, making your water taste and feel great, is apartment friendly with a small size, and priced at far less than many whole-house water softeners.

A great investment that pays itself over time. This is our #1 choice for home owners on a budget.

Nuvo H2O Studio

This practical replacement for your giant, inconvenient salt- based water softener system, the amazing, salt-free water softener, Nuvo H20 Studio, is made for residential use, and especially for smaller dwellings like condos and apartments.

The days of the salt-based water softeners are over! The smallest member of the NuvoH20 systems, NuvoH2O Studio uses an environment-friendly process to treat all the water throughout your entire home.

NuvoH2O Studio is designed for homes 1,000 sq ft and less property, providing a water flow of 12-15 gallons per minute with 3/4" ports. It has a capacity of about 25,000 gallons, which is estimated as the average water usage of household of two for six months.

The system comes with one housing unit, wall mount panel, one C-bracket with screws, and one housing wrench. Everything you need to install and begin softening your water.

Nuvo H2O Studio: How It Works

NuvoH2O Studio along with the other NuvoH2O salt-free water softener systems uses a technology called chelation. As water runs into your system, it enters the NuvoH2O chambers, where it flows across the cartridge.

NuvoH2O's own FDA-approved formulation binds to minerals that cause hard water problems. It neutralizes them by breaking the bond of their molecules, making them soluble so they wash away freely.

The resulting water is soft and healthy, perfect for all your household use. This formula not only prevents calcium, but also removes hard water build-up that has already formed in your pipes, faucets, fixtures, and appliances to renew their life and efficiency.

The time takes to eliminate the build-up depends on how much hard water damage up you already have. Don't expect to notice the difference right away.

Installing the unit will take about an hour, but get a plumber, unless you're really confident with DIY. There may be additional parts needed depending on the plumbing configuration of where you plan to install the unit. Ideally, it should be installed before the water heater on the main water line.

Verify the inflow and outflow are properly attached to their ports as marked on the water housing.

If leaks occur, inspect if the housing body is securely attached to the housing head. Tighten the collar if necessary.

Nuvo H2O Studio: Pros and Cons

+ Compact: the unit only measures 5" wide and 14" long, making it ideal for small condos, apartments, and other limited spaces

+ Convenient: no more heavy bags of salt to carry around to keep your salt-based system running. NuvoH2O Studio utilizes a lightweight cartridge that only needs to be replaced every six months

+ Excellent water quality: month after month, you'll notice a major improvement of your water. No more scale in your shower, hard water spots in the dishwasher, and the softness of water improves lather, saving you detergent, shampoo and soap

- Tricky installation: the unit may leak, or may not function as designed, if not installed properly. Seeking help of a plumber is the best solution to ensure that everything is in order and correctly in place

Nuvo H2O Studio: Conclusion

Traditional water systems are nowhere near this amazingly effective product that does exactly what it is supposed to, at a low initial cost and with minimum maintenance.

The Nuvo H20 Studio salt-free water softener literally pays for itself in savings coming from longer life of pipes, fixtures, and appliances that are primarily attacked by hard water.

You'll also save on energy costs (no power required to operate), water (no backwash waste), water softener salt, soap, shampoo and detergent.

This is the system to buy if you want to have a long-term, healthy soft water without the expense of salt-based systems, and have a smaller home.

Filtersorb SP3 Salt-Free Water Softener

If you have had hard water problems in the past and tried salt-based systems that are never worth the cost, then here is a great solution for the natural water softness that you desire for drinking, bathing, washing, and other household use.

The Filtersorb SP3 Salt-Free Water Softener features CWG Filtersorb technology that eliminates scale build-up and improves efficiency of your water heater, pipes, fixtures, and appliances without the use of salt and waste water.

This revolutionary approach provides the same benefits of a traditional water softening system, without the prohibitive expense, use of salt, or any other chemicals.

This 8-inch diameter tank is suited for most typical household applications. It has a 100-grain hardness capability and can treat up to 9.5 gallons per minute.

Filtersorb SP3 Salt-Free Water Softener: How It Works

When hard water passes through the water heater, soluble metal ions will precipitate, leading to formation of scales that create a substantial amount of energy inefficiency and drop in water pressure.

The Filtersorb SP3's water media act as a catalyst that speeds up the transformation of calcium and magnesium minerals into nano particles.

After the inlet water flows through the provided pre-filter, it goes into the water conditioner tank. The upflow pulls the water through the fluidized media, and this pulls the hard water minerals out of the solution.

These minerals are transformed into precipitated, inactive nano crystal particles that remain suspended. These particles are rendered harmless to your plumbing system. They can make their way out without attaching to pipes, valves, fixtures, and heating elements.

The SP3's technologically-advanced filter media prevents all the negative effects of calcium and magnesium, while retaining the positive health benefits for the body.

To further enhance the efficiency of water flow, the system employs an advanced Vortec distribution plate. This ensures uniform distribution of water, and optimum performance of the filter media.

As far as installation goes, it is simple as long as you know what you are doing. (See our article on water softener installation for help.) Otherwise we recommend that you find a professional to install your system.

Filtersorb SP3 Salt-Free Water Softener: Pros and Cons

+ Highly effective: While it may take time for the existing hard water build-up to be removed, some results are immediate. There's a better feel from the water in your shower, the lather improves because of the softer water, and so you'll need less soap and shampoo. The drinking water looks clearer and tastes better

+ Maintenance-free: the system does not require costly generation and backwashing, eliminating the need for electricity and waste water

+ Durable: ideally, the pre-filter cartridge should be replaced every six to nine months, but it can be changed only as necessary, or when the household water pressure has dropped significantly

- Not as easy to Do It Yourself as advertised: although directions on how to assemble the product, and its installation instructions are detailed, it is not for everybody. Hiring a professional is strongly advised, so factor that in when you're weighing up the purchase costs

Filtersorb SP3 Salt-Free Water Softener: Conclusion

If you are looking for a whole-house water softener system, then you can forget the traditional ones and instead focus on a saltless model.

The Filtersorb SP3 lets you enjoy the same soft water benefits, with minimum maintenance and less operating costs.

It is a good investment and you can save lots of money in the long run.

Don't forget to save yourself a lot of aggravation and hire a plumber or heating professional to install it for you. It's money well-spent for peace of mind.

Clearwave Electronic Salt-Free Water Softener

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to traditional home water softener systems, then check out this amazing system as one of your choices.

The Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System is the most innovative anti-scale device available in the market today, and is priced to be affordable for people without the budget for traditional in-line softeners.

This device is specifically designed for conditioning all the water throughout your entire home, by treating it as it enters your property.

Clearwave Electronic Salt-Free Water Softener: How It Works

Clearwave is equipped with a computer chip, programmed to bombard water passing through the pipes with over 200 low-frequency electromagnetic pulses. These pulses increase the electromotive attraction potential of water to the mineral salts, mainly calcium bicarbonate.

As a result, these mineral salts stay as suspended particles in water, instead of being converted to insoluble form, keeping them from attaching on surfaces as scale. Over time, the Clearwave will break down already existing scale found on the inside of pipes, heaters, appliances and toilets; it will begin to dissolve away.

As this device keeps mineral salts suspended, expect to find some particles in your water. After a few months, you will probably need to clean your shower heads, faucets, and aerators from particles that block these water outlets.

The device works perfectly in water with hardness as high as 25 grains. If your water hardness is higher than this, it is recommended to use Clearwave in conjunction with a traditional salt water softener system.

Make sure to install the unit on the main water supply pipe before the water heater, and before any of the water branches out to other pipes. This allows the device to treat all of the water supplied all throughout your home.

Also see that it is mounted after any water meter or grounding cable attached to the water pipes. To eliminate any possible interference, install the device at least ten feet away from any frequency-emitting appliances.

Clearwave Electronic Salt-Free Water Softener: Pros and Cons

+ Maintenance-free: no salts or chemicals have to be added to the water to make the device work. As long as it is connected to a power supply, it just does what it is supposed to do

+ Compatibility: it can be used on any make of water pipe: plastic, copper, or galvanized

+ Low cost: this device is much less expensive than traditional water softening systems

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- Product name is misleading: the Clearwave does not actually soften water, but conditions it. It isn't supposed to make hard water soft. Instead, its purpose is to stop the scaling of mineral salts

- Reliability issues: A marathon of debates as to whether this device actually works has surfaced on the web. This led to independent studies and comparisons that show that this device does nothing to the water. Half of the consumers that reviewed the product, however, disagree with these findings, and say that Clearwater is indeed effective

Clearwave Electronic Salt-Free Water Softener: Conclusion

The mixed reviews about the product suggest that the device does not work for everyone, and definitely not under all water conditions, given the unit is installed properly.

Provided that Clearwave effectively does what it is designed to do, for the price it is well worth buying.

If you want less scale in your water and your only alternative is a costly salt-based water softener, buy this clever device and just try it for yourself.

But if you are looking for something that turns hard water to soft water, then this is not it.

Other Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softener Models

Depending on the model of saltless water softener selected for a home, users won't need to backwash, enjoy lower running costs, and a lack of water hardness that can leave a slimy feel on your skin, plus calcium buildup in your pipes and appliances.

You'll save yourself between $100 and $400 per year, because you won't buy any more water softener salt. Since no electricity is required in the majority of salt free water softener models, you'll also save money on your energy bills.

How Does a Salt-Free Water Softener Work?

To better understand the process of how a salt-free water softener operates, consider the FUTURA line of products, which creates molecular patterns on a resin-plated ceramic surface.

When water makes contact with the ceramic surface, the main causes for water harness (calcium and magnesium) are turned into a crystalline substance. The crystals are now neutral, water-insoluble, resistant to heat, balanced, non-threatening, and are unable to affix to any surfaces.

As the calcite crystals increase in size, they can no longer grip and cling to the resin-plated surface and are discarded through the flow of water.

Recommended Salt-Free Water Softeners

When looking for a no-salt water softener to add to your home, a wide range of selections help consumers enjoy the lack of salt and trouble-free maintenance that comes with such a unit. A couple of suggestions include:

Editor's Choice The PurHome Premier No-Salt Softener PS-1000, which accommodates a home with one to three baths looking to eliminate hard water issues. With no need for electricity, no backwash, and no waste water, this unit is good for the environment, as well as saving you money.

A long-lasting washable sediment pre-filter creates water that is crystal clear and delicious. Easy installation also makes this selection an attractive purchase. Consumers also do not have to worry about changing their unit until 600,000 gallons have passed through it, on average around five years after installation.

The PurHome Premier Saltless Softener PS-1000 is a highly recommended saltless water softener systemThe PurHome Premier Saltless Softener PS-1000 is a highly recommended saltless water softener system

The nuvoH2O Home Complete Salt-Free Water Softening System has a fantastic reputation for families who want a trouble-free water softener for their home.

The unit does not require any salt, so if you're living in California, for example, it passes local environmental by-laws. The conditioned water also creates a satisfying feel on your skin. It works by breaking down the calcium particles in the water to nano-sized molecules which do not build up inside your plumbing.

The FUTURA Saltless Water Softner costs $1,890 and introduces some of the latest in water treatment technology that doesn’t rely on salt or acidic chemicals. A catalytic surface eliminates the need for electricity regeneration, or backwashing.

In the end, skin and hair feel softer and smoother, the shelf life of common appliances (coffeemaker, dishwater, and water heater) becomes extended, hard water spots disappear from mirrors, glasses, and fixtures, and clothes appear brighter and cleaner.

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