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Pros And Cons Of Portable Water Softeners

An RV water softener is like a portable version of a residential or commercial water softener, but is available in only one of two forms or types: an ion exchange water softener or a reverse osmosis water softener.

Most portable water softeners make use of both systems, however, being supplied with filters that can be attached to pipes and taps.

An Ion Exchange RV water softener traps the calcium and magnesium that makes water hard, and form deposits.

Basically, the softener contains resin beads which hold electrically charged irons. When water passes through, the calcium and magnesium in the water attaches to these beads.

A Reverse Osmosis system makes use of a semi-permeable membrane, which filters water as it passes through and disposes of the elements and minerals in the water that are undesirable.

A portable water softener is a great investment for your RV. You can use the softened water to fill your RV water tanks, which will greatly increase the lifetime of the pipes, water heater elements, fixtures and ice maker on your RV and provide healthy drinking water.

As you travel, you can take water from almost anywhere and purify it through an RV water softener, which means less worries about water quality. If you are doing camping or hiking as well, you should strongly consider a portable water softener.

Pros of RV Water Softeners

1) Notably compact, and very easy to use.

2) As mentioned, a portable water softener can greatly improve and increase the lifespan of the facilities on an RV or boat, and protect the freshwater bay.

3) Using a portable model for washing boats, cars or the like is highly advantageous – the purified water will guarantee a spot-free wash and protected paintwork, as well as prevention of rush stains.

4) Using purified water for washing stops rough dry skin and increases soap lathering.

5) Purified water avoids scale build-up in pipes, which is advantageous for your boat and RV.

6) Provides healthy drinking water.

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7) Attach filters to pipes, taps etc. for washing and drinking.

8) Great for washing carpets as well – gives a spot free clean, and decreases the amount of shampoo needed.

9) Increases the lifespan of your clothes and decreases the amount of washing powder needed.

10) Ensures clean and purified water wherever you go.

Cons of RV Water Softeners

1) The Osmosis or Ion Exchange systems can produce some waste, and require salt refills.

2) Obviously, portable water softeners are not ideal for residential or commercial use, as they are not permanent.

3) The Ion Exchange systems exchange magnesium and calcium in the water for sodium – for people with low sodium tolerance diets, this makes the water unsuitable for drinking.

Recommended RV Portable Water Softener

Watts RV Pro-1000 Portable Water Softener

We are huge fans of Watts products for the home, including the Watts Premier, which offers outstanding performance for a very decent price.

While we have yet to properly test the Watts RV-Pro 1000, we are willing to bet that the high standards set by the non-portable model will carry across into your RV experience.

When you think about it, an undersink water softener is not such a big leap. It's really a portable softener that is left in one place. Small enough to fit beneath a sink, yet powerful enough to soften your water, this model is well-priced and should offer you years of scum-free showers on the road!

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