Residential Water Softeners

Research Home Water Softeners by Brand or Style

Residential water softeners are those models that are designed to work for households only.

You can choose an inline whole house water softener system, or from various point of use devices, such as shower water softeners.

We also feature the more controversial types, such as magnetic water softeners.

Salt-free water softener systems are now very popular, too.

Use these links to find the type or brand of water softener you're looking for, and read detailed reviews of each.

Residential Water Softeners By Brand

Culligan Water Softeners
Highly regarded, these softener systems are second to none in our opinion. Not the most affordable.

Fleck Water Softeners
Another well-regarded brand, Fleck will not let you down.

GE Water Softeners
GE is one of the biggest brands in the world. We like their affordability and availability, but prefer a company that specializes in softeners.

Kenmore Water Softeners
Another famous brand with a finger in many pies.

Kinetico Water Softeners
A more obscure company, but don't let that put you off their excellent residential water softener systems.

MacClean Water Softeners
This company's products are our #1 cause of consumer questions and complaints, usually because of a missing manual or regeneration malfunction.

Morton Water Softeners
Not one of the best-known brands. But they perform well for the price.

North Star Water Softeners
We'd avoid these, just because they're not easy to find.

Whirlpool Water Softeners
You can't really go wrong with Whirlpool. One of the better brands.

Calgon Water Softener
It's not a machine, it's a powder or liquid you add to your laundry. One of the all-American staples.

Water Softener Types

If you're not sure of the brand you want, but know what you need, then do your research using these links.

Best Home Water Softeners
We thoroughly recommend these amazing performers.

Discount Water Softeners
For families on a tight budget.

Electronic Water Softeners
No need for a plumber to install these.

Magnetic Water Softeners
These fit right around the pipe and need no power or plumbing... But do they actually work?

Portable Water Softeners
For people whose lifestyle moves them around. When you relocate, take your softener with you. Also some RV softeners.

Potassium Water Softeners
Replace your sodium.

Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners
For people who want maximum purity.

RV Water Softeners
Take softer water on the road with you.

Shower Water Softeners
Point of use softeners for the minimum investment in softer water.

Whole House Water Softeners
Inline systems that soften all the water in your residence.

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