North Star Water Softener Models

The Cabinet And Two-Tank Softeners Take Care Of Any Household Size

The North Star water softener models are classified according to size: cabinet, and the two-tank types.

This article will explain their technical specifications in terms of maximum capacity, efficiency, and rated service flow rate.

All North Star water softeners have several features common to them. These are the diagnostics, efficiency selector, quick-set up and the patented Look-Ahead technology.

The Look-Ahead technology is a predictive behavior function, in which it predicts ahead when it needs to regenerate water basing on your family's water usage.

The efficiency selector on the other hand, lets you select how efficient it is you want the machine to be. The choice would probably depend on the volume of water you are using, especially when there are guests visiting and staying over.

The diagnostics feature allows you to check on the past processes done by the water softener, like the total number of regenerations done and the days it is in service. It also allows you to check the health of your turbines and switches.

Through the quick set-up figure, you can set how soft you want the treated water to be, and the time that it will be generated.

North Star Cabinet Water Softener

There are five water softeners in this category, namely the NSC15ED, NSC25ED, NSC30UD, NSC30UD1 and the NSC40UD1 models.

The NSC15ED has the largest grain capacity of the five models, because it is capable of removing 15,800 grains of hardness from your water. The NSC40UD1 follows next, at 39,000, and the NSC30UD and NSC30UD1 with 30,100 and 30,200, respectively. The water softner with the least capacity in this series is the NSC25ED, at 25,0000 grains.

In terms of efficiency (measured at grains removed per pound of salt), both the NSC25ED and NSC30UD remove 5,060 grains for every pound of salt used. The NSC40UD1 is the most efficient at 5,360 per pound of salt. The NSC30UD1 and NSC15ED follow closely at 4,950 and 4,680, respectively.

The NSC40UD1 has the highest service flow rate of 10 gallons per minute. The NSC30UD1 comes next at 9 gallons per minute, with the NSC30UD and NSC25ED both with 8 gallons per minute and the NSC15ED at 6 gallons per minute.

Two-Tank North Star Water Softener Series

On the other hand, the Two-Tank series includes four models: the NST25ED, NST30UD, NST45UD1 and the NST70UD1.

Clearly constructed for large households, the NST70UD1 is capable of removing 70,000 grains of hardness from the water, and has a service flow rate of 16 gallons per minute. The NST45UD1 comes second, since it can soften up to 45,100 grains from hardened water and can give a flow rate of 12 gallons per minute.

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The NST30UD is capable of softening 30,100 grains while the NST25ED has a grain capacity of 25,000. The NST30UD and the NST25ED both have a flow rate of 8 gallons per minute.

The NST70UD1 and the NST45UD1 are as efficient as each other, since they both remove 5,360 grains for every pound of salt. The NST25ED also share the same efficiency rating, at 5,060 grains per pound of salt.

Which North Star Water Softener To Choose?

In choosing a water softener, you should take into account several factors including household size and the hardness of your water.

For example, a family of 3 can have water with hardness of at least 15,000 to 20,000 and at most 25,000 to 30,000.

Like earlier mentioned, you have a choice of two model series: the cabinet and the two-tank versions.

Using the information about the hardness of your water, you can then choose your model using the grain capacity and efficiency figures for each North Star water softener model.

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