Morton Water Softener

How Morton Water Softeners Help You Save Salt and Water

You'd be amazed at the innovation the goes into every Morton water softener you see!

With one feature alone, they have set themselves ahead of the competition. How did they do this?

It is called Morton's patented "Look ahead" technology.

The "Look ahead" technology is a closely guarded secret incorporated into each of the four Morton water softeners.

The technology is a predictive behavior system. As you use your Morton water softner, it actually analyzes your family's water usage patterns. This enables it to predict-quite accurately at that-when you'd need soft water and how much.

Because of this, a water softener from Morton does not use as much salt for a single period as any other water softener does, enabling you to save as much salt and water as possible.

Other Common Features of Morton Water Softeners

Every Morton model for water softening that exists in the market is easy to install. Morton System Saver has packed each softener with an installation kit complete with instructions on how to get the system up and running on your home.

All of them are designed to accommodate the whole house, very much like a centralized vacuum cleaner.

Because of the Look Ahead technology, each softener expends its salt supply efficiently. This avoids wastage of salt pellets, and results in savings-salt and money-for you.

They all have an option to recharge immediately or later, especially after heavy water usage and softening.

For those that do not know, recharging is the process where the water softener gets rid of the precipitated calcium and magnesium that it has accumulated while softening up the water supply. It does so by emptying itself of the stored residue, and then refilling its salty water supply after it does so.

Each Morton softener is designed compactly, so that the unit does not eat up much space when it is installed at one spot in your house.

The MSS20B, one model of water softeners from Morton, even has a programmer timer that comes with a vacation mode. This comes in handy when you are going on a vacation and you wouldn't want your water softener to keep running and consuming power.

Morton Water Softener Models

Morton has come up with four models of water softeners: the MSD34C, MSD30D, MSD27B, and the MSS20B variants.

The MSD30D is designed to be able to soften up water holding very high water hardness ratings, and services very large households. As such, it has a grain capacity of 30,000 grains per gallon.

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The MSD27B has a similar capability with the MSD30D when it comes to household size, but it is capable of softening water having a hardness rating of up to 27,000 grains per gallon.

On the heavier end of the line-up is the MSD34C, which has the largest grain capacity among the four at 34,000 grains per gallon. Least of all is the MSS20B, which has a capacity of only 20,000 grains per gallon.

Where To Buy Morton Water Softeners

Morton offers these water softeners for sale through its website. This site has a comprehensive product catalog, including the four water softeners as well as the salt and potassium chloride pellets that are used by the machines in the softening process.

The company also includes in its catalog the parts and accessories for each softener model. Aside from this information, Morton also provides an online operation manual and a warranty statement in HTML format.

The company even has a guide on how a person can go about choosing which of the four models to buy based on personal needs.

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