Manual Regeneration of MacCLEAN NSM1501

by Crystal
(Grass Valley, CA)

Hello Matt,

I have a MacCLEAN home water softner Model #NSM501 witha rated service of 8 GPM. I noticed that when I went to check on the salt level it didn't appear to have used any salt at all.

More investigation made me aware that auto timer part of this device had not advanced in time over the next several days. So, apparently the auto timer is not functioning.

When I was a kid I remember my dad doing a manual regeneration every week with our old water softner. I see that my unit has the capability to advance the knob and run it manually, but I'm not what this whole process requires from me beyond the initital turning the knob to manual.

Are you able to help me? Unfortunately I can't locate the manual for my water softner. I would appreciate any direction you may have for me. Thanks!!


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