Magnetic Water Softener Facts

Do Magnetic Softeners Actually Work?

A magnetic water softener is a relatively new idea to the market.

There are many benefits to using this type of water softener, and there are generally several kinds available.

Most consist of one or more magnets installed on the inside or outside of the incoming water pipe, but some create a field using coils wrapped around the pipe through which the water flows.

This allows for longer "contact time."

Pros of Magnetic Water Softeners

1) The output water of magnetic models are fit for drinking – there are no extra chemicals added to the water, and so it retains the healthy minerals and vitamins that are good for consumption.

Calcium is retained in the water, which is advantageous for the diet. Traditional salt-based water softeners do not soften water for drinking, and take out many of the valuable minerals while adding sodium or potassium. This is especially disadvantageous for people with a low sodium tolerance.

With magnetic models, you do not need to install extra systems for your drinking water.

2) Very low running costs – salt-based water softeners require salt refills.

3) There is no waste – this is advantageous for the environment. Reverse Osmosis systems can produce a lot of waste, along with salt-based systems.

4) Very silent and unobtrusive - many other kinds of softeners can be noisy.

5) Extends the life of your household appliances, your clothes, and increases the lathering and effectiveness of soaps.

6) In most cases, the odor and taste of sulfur is reduced.

7) Cleans out limescale effectively from your pipes, and prevents limescale from forming any more.

8) No added salts needed, chemicals, no back flush and less energy needed, as opposed to salt-based water softeners.

9) Can be used for a large property – most salt-free softeners are not effective for water hardness levels above 25 grains per gallon.

Salt-free water softener reviews: Clearwave Electronic Saltless Water Softener is rated 3.5 stars on AmazonClearwave Electronic Saltless Water Softener

Cons of Magnetic Water Softeners

1) Magnetism is affected by any electrical charge, so interference from nearby sockets can reduce how effective the system can be.

2) Magnetic water conditioners do not, technically truly 'soften' the water – the water has the effects of softening, but is not truly soft.

What this means is that the water needs to be within contact of the magnetic area to be conditioned. After 48 hours, water can return to its hard state if it is not within contact of the magnetic area. As a result, this type of conditioned water is not fit for storing.

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3) The system must be matched to the property's water temperature, flow rates and chemical composition. This means that the effectiveness of magnetic models can vary between properties, and can under perform when compared to traditional water softeners.

4) Although they use very little power, they still do need electricity. Most other kinds of water softeners do not need electricity, but may produce waste.

5) These types of water conditioners are still new to the market, which means they still need to stand the test of time and their effectiveness has still yet to be fully proven.

Eddy Electronic Magnetic Water Softener

Best Rated Magnetic Water Softeners Based On Consumer Reports

1) Pro-Mrkt Corp, Soo-Soft digital water treatment system H1000

This is a digital water treatment system, which means that the measuring of the water is done through a digital system. However, it is still a magnetic model that is environmentally safe, needs no chemicals and has no brine discharge.

There are also no plumbing changes required for installation. Soo-Soft's system uses very little power, and does a very good job of keeping the valuable minerals still within the water. It comes with a 6 month money-back guarantee and has a very good price value.

2) MCS Model 512 Magnetic fluid conditioner

The MCS model comes with a lifetime warranty, as the system uses ceramic magnets which last a life time. The system also has eleven inches of "contact time" with the water – considerably much longer than conventional magnetic models.

It has a much shorter de-scaling process, a very easy installation procedure, and is incredibly well priced.

Soaps are made much more effective and the system uses considerably low power, which means you can save a lot of money on your day to day living. MCS also provides free shipping.

Magnetic Water SoftenerMagnetic Water Softener

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