MacClean Water Softener, aka CUNO or Aqua-Pure

Now Known as CUNO or Aqua-Pure

MacClean water softener systems are manufactured by the CUNO Water Treatment Corporation.

Initially established in 1934, CUNO Incorporated has become a leader in the design, production, and promotion of a wide range of water treatment products.

These products offer extremely satisfactory warranties and an excellent technical team available during the entire period of product installation and maintenance.

One of those are also MacClean water softeners where the video for installation and product maintenance is included in the purchase.

Water Softeners For Domestic/Small Business Use

Several series of MacClean water softeners are packaged as small, efficient softeners for home or small business use. These softeners are patented as "one-piece mineral tank" without any glued joints or welded ridges which may crack or rust.

A cyclone distributor also scours the resin clean during salt replenishment, keeping the system in good working condition. This leaves you with less maintenance hassles.

1. CS series

This series, aside from eliminating the hard water minerals calcium and magnesium, can reduce staining metals such as iron and manganese. Adjustable timers or meters allow you to modify the functions of this device to the exact water conditions in your area.

A multi-level salt support shelf allows the flexible use of any salt and prevents salt caking. Safety valves to prevent brine overflows are also provided.

2. N series

Water softeners in this series have control valves that economically manage the salt resin so that you can save on replacement pellets. Demand Initiated MacClean water softener monitors and regulates every function and cycle of water softening. These devices gauge water use and regenerate only when needed.

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3. Intellis Electronic Water Softeners

This kind combines benefits of the previously mentioned series and the advantages of an electronic water softener such as less sodium in your water and in the environment and lower energy usage.


This series also has the operation monitors, safety valves, and the multi-level support shelf. What distinguishes the MCWS from the other series is that it has a distinctive bypass valve. This valve has four positions, including a diagnostic one which allows servicing to be done on it while still supplying untreated water to your home.

5. LCS

With LCS as with all other softeners for domestic use, all cycles can be modified to fit your exact water conditions. Safety valves and salt-support assemblies are also found in LCS. It has a higher salt storage capacity than other residential units. Its most innovative feature is the presence of a guest switch has been included to provide additional amounts of softened water when you have guests in your house.

Water Softeners For Commercial Use

There are several lines of MacClean products for factories, hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and restaurants.

These softeners are made of heavy duty fiberglass and can recharge during periods with low demand for softened water.

High capacity ion exchange resins and high impact salt storage tank guarantee a large capacity and long resin life. Safety valves, full flow riser tube, quartz gravel under-bed, and a distribution system effectively contribute to the efficiency of the KS and OS series of MacClean softeners.

The big bonus is these softeners have interchangeable parts with the residential softeners, so you'll have no problem looking for spares.

Is The MacClean Water Softener A Good Choice?

With every MacClean softener, savings add up from both energy cutbacks and economy on cleaning products. You can use up to 70 percent less detergent when washing the dishes.

Water softeners also eliminate the hard water spots on your washed cars and window and mildew stains on your tiles. CUNO Incorporated and their MacClean line will definitely not disappoint.

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