Mac Clean water softner NS 1001 leaking

by Bruce Ogeka
(Fairfield, Maine)

I have a Mac Clean water softner model NS 1001 and serial Number 418607-00374876 and the problem is leaking around the neck of the tank.

The head has been rebuilt with the Piston assembly and NS seal kit assembly also new gaskets on the neck of the head plus the o-ring on the inner neck. The head fit on the tank flat and even I even put plummers grease on the o-rings for a better seal.

Still leaks around the neck where the plastic clamp attaches, this is not a screw on head but one that pushes down and then clamps to hold the head on. At this point I don't know what to do.

The head was rebuilt by a local distributor and all screens were cleaned. The water softner works, a sample of water was taken raw and treated so we know that the head was working before being rebuilt.

What can I do to stop the leaking, I have tried three different gaskets Tank o-ring #12281 with no success, can you help me. Thank you!

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