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Saves Electricity By Using Kinetic Energy

The Kinetico water softener line of products has been serving the public since 1970 when two engineers dreamed up the vision of an automatic water treatment system that didn’t need electricity to run.

Today, the Kinetico company works around the objective to manufacture a supply of soft water units that offer an uninterrupted flow even during regeneration.

Currently, more than 100 countries promote Kinetico water softeners with the help of many different dealers, distributors and manufacturers.

The Kinetico line of water softener products also works to avoid the use of electricity and instead relies on the force created by flowing water.

In the end, those who purchase a water softener from Kinetico enjoy less repair and more monetary savings. The only outside costs consumers are responsible for is the purchase of salt.

Kinetico Water Softeners

The beauty and power of Kinetico water softener systems is achieved through the kinetic energy associated with moving water.

It is not electricity that allows this unit to provide clean water to households, but a much more efficient and less expensive means of service.

The twin-tank design of Kinetico models is also a desirable feature, as consumers never have to worry about their softener going offline. The Kinetico line of products offers three main kinds of units: compact, well water, and city-water.

Kinetico Compact Softeners are small in size, but provide a large performing capacity. People residing in a household with less living space will enjoy this option.

If the water you receive in your home comes from a well, Kinetico Well-Water Softeners help eliminate all of the unwanted substances that attempt to compromise your water. Without such a softener, iron and manganese creep into the water supply, which is notorious for causing dingy clothes and soap scum.

City water tends to contain chlorine and other organic substances that create hardness in water.

The City-Water Softeners in the Kinetico product line is a great choice for these kinds of water needs.

Below you will learn about some of the Kinetico water softeners under the Mach Series, which aims to deliver speed, power, and efficiency.

Consumers also praise the savings reaped through flexible regenerate and water installation.

A few Kinetico models include:

Kinetico 2020c Compact Water Softener

Since the 2020c model regenerates only when it becomes necessary, consumers are able to save a great deal of money.

Part of the beauty regarding the Kinetico line of water softeners involves the valve and metering system that measures processed water and deciphers the need for regeneration.

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This process greatly differs from other water softeners, which rely on programming and guesses on daily water use.

Monitored regeneration helps eliminate the waste of water and salt, as well as the threat of overrunning a system that results in hard water.

This Kinetico model is a great choice for small households that want a unit that compensates for extra water demands when they surface.

Kinetico 2060s

With the purchase of this Kinetico product, you will enjoy the relief from extra electricity costs, as this is a non-electric model. The convenience continues with this selection, as there are no timers or computers to worry about resetting.

With the use of a meter, on-demand operation is available. The power behind this unit is the twin softener tanks that provide 24-hour unlimited service.

Consumers are also pleased with the supply of clean, soft water that allows them to efficiently conduct and complete everyday household activities. Washing the clothes and dishes, as well as taking showers have never seemed more comfortable.

The soft water regeneration associated with the 2060S model offers high efficiency and long resin life.

Kinetico 4060s

The product performance of the Kinetico 4060S is backed by a sufficient non-electric unit that avoids the use of timers and computer operation. The on-demand operating system relies on a meter to provide households with a clean supply of soft water.

The unit is corrosion-free, which permits installation minus the hassle of weather protection. Consumers enjoy the 4060S because it not only saves money, but also space.

The 4060S is another perfect selection for city dwellers as this model is able to efficiently remove chlorine, which is behind the creation of unpleasant-tasting and odorous glasses of water.

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