Kenmore Water Softener Models

Ideal For Small Households

As you review the Kenmore water softener product line, you will notice a range of models that include the inexpensive Ultrasoft 175 water softener to the ultra 880-model selection.

The Kenmore line of products has been a fixture in the Sears water softener and parts department for many years.

Over time, the Kenmore business has strived to continue its reputation for generating reliable products since the brand name made its first appearance in 1913.

Joining the water softener line of products, the company has solidified a position within the kitchen appliance industry as well.

Kenmore Water Softeners

Below you will find additional Kenmore water softeners that are quite popular with the public:

Kenmore Elite 420 Series Water Softener

When compared to other leading water softener brands, the Kenmore Elite 420 Series provides consumers with just the right capacity to accommodate households serving one to more than ten people.

Homes with high water hardness levels especially benefit from a Kenmore Elite 420 Series Water Softener that also utilizes a high performance valve that provides a better water flow through the home for plumbing up to 1 1/4 ” in diameter.

Larger particles of sediment are stopped in their tracks with the ultra cleansing system of a Kenmore water softener. The salt monitoring system is also desirable for those who like better control over their system.

A convenient alert signals when more salt is needed. When purchasing this Kenmore model from Sears, consumers receive a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, as well as three years on the electronics. A 10-year warranty is connected to the tank.

Kenmore 350 Series Water Softener

The capacity of this Kenmore water softener is better equipped to handle households consisting of one to six people. Homes with high water hardness levels also benefit from the use of this unit.

The deluxe valve connects to plumbing that measures up to 1” in diameter. Through the unique technology associated with the Kenmore product line, you will find your water softener uses less salt and water when compared to other leading brands on the market.

Many consumers enjoy the advanced salt monitoring system of the Kenmore 350 Series, which alerts homeowners when it is time to add more salt.

The 350 Series provides a lot of options for a consumer to consider. Salt efficiency can be set at "normal" or "efficient." Rinse options include two options: normal and clean.

Additional features of the 350 Series include demand-initiated regeneration, an Energy Star compatible adapter, convenient Sears water softener warranty (1-year parts and labor, 1-year on electronics, 10-year on tank), LCD electronic display, unit settings (12- and 24-hour clock), programmable memory, and recharge options.

The 350 Series Kenmore water softener also comes with a bypass valve, drain tubing, and easy installation kit.

Kenmore Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener

Homes consisting of one to four people will benefit from the Kenmore Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener, which assists moderate water hardness levels, creating a decent flow of fresh and clean water.

The deluxe valve accommodates plumbing up to 1” in diameter, offering satisfying demand-initiated regeneration. When setting your water softener (such as salt efficiency to normal or efficient), you will have a convenient LCD electronic display to view.

Additional UHE Series features include recharging for six hours, 12-hour clock settings, an Energy Star qualified adapter, and clear water iron removal.

How To Choose Your Model

Depending on the size of your household, you may side with one Kenmore selection over another.

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In order to save money and water, you should review all options to make sure you are outfitting your home with a model that will accommodate your total water capacity.

For instance, a small household with average water hardness will benefit from the installation of the Ultrasoft 175.

Larger households should take advantage of the Ultrasoft 880 because of its capacity of softening large amounts of water. There is also an ultra cleansing feature to consider, which accomplishes the removal of larger particles of sediments.

Some units even include computers that allow settings in English, Spanish and French.

The many benefits of selecting a water softener under the Kenmore brand includes softer skin, whiter whites and brighter colors in clothing. Dishes and glasses receive that extra sparkle and shine.

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