Is the sulfur from iron-sulfide captured by a water softener?

by Chris
(Rindge, NH)

I have a water softener primarily for removing clear iron and manganese with slight hardness (3.5 gpg hardness as CaCO3, 1.4 ppm Fe and 0.45 ppm Mn).

After installing a new water softener (NaCl with zeolite resin), I am experiencing a strong sulfur odor.

My old softener left a very slight odor that was effectively neutralized by an activated carbon filter after the softener, but the odor is much stronger with the new softener and can't be removed by the filter. I believe the old softener was grossly undersized.

Does the resin capture iron and release sulfur gas or does the sulfur gas get captured on the resin surface along with the iron?

Is it possible the new softener is doing a much better job capturing iron and therefore releasing much more sulfur gas? If so, what do I need to do to get rid of the sulfur smell?

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