Hydorgen Peroxide/Sea Salt in Water Conditioner/Softeners?

by Teri
(West Michigan)

I'm a health-conscious renter with a Culligan Super S H20 conditioner, and I'm wondering about using food-grade hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach to clean the system.

Currently I put an intake hose from the Super S, into a gallon of bleach, and as needed it uptakes bleach to clean the system. I'd rather use hydrogen peroxide, as I am aware that bleach even in ppm can have significant health effects over time.

Can someone address the pros/cons of this, and what to be aware of/look for in using hydrogen peroxide in this way?

On a similar note, I also have a Culligan water softener, and I'm interested to use food grade sea salt, such as "Ultimate Superfoods Himalayan Crystal Salt" here:

http://www.ultimatesuperfoods.com/ItemDetail.aspx?comcode=FD&plinid=SLTHIM&item=SLTHFG22L&type=pl&plnmain=SALT on account of the mineral benefits. Again, can someone discuss the pros/cons of using this type of salt in a water softener?

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