Why Choose a GE Water Softener?

What Makes General Electric Water Softeners So Special?

General Electric and the GE water softener as one of the most recognized brands in the world, have been making waves in the industry for many years.

Hitting the public with marketing savvy, consumers often remember slogans, such as "we bring good things to life" and "imagination at work," when scanning the products under the GE brand name.

Besides the illustrious GE water softeners, the company is also responsible for an assortment of products that millions of people rely on today.

Popular GE Water Softener Models

GE "white labels" (makes products on behalf of) several manufacturers. Our favorite is Nuvo. These products are without exception excellent, and come highly recommended.

They are low-maintenance and available in sizes to suit any dwelling, from apartment for a single person to a big family home.

The Nuvo H20 is designed to soften water for 1-4 family members. It's affordable and salt-free, so you need never lug another bag of crystals down to the basement!

It is a consistently great performer, taking less than 24 hours to make a difference to the feel and quality of your home's water supply.

It's also compact and easy to install, whether you do it yourself or contact a plumber for assistance.

We do not hesitate to make this our #1 choice for small families.

GE Water Softeners for Large Families

 If you have a family home and are looking for GE quality, at a price you can afford, then consider the Nuvo H20 Manor.

Yes, it's more expensive than a standard water softener. We have found comparable units at $200 less.

However, in tests over 18 months, our family home consumed $330 in water softener salt.

We are two adults and three young children (elementary school age).

By now, we would already have saved over $100, and as the years pass, your savings will be considerable!

Again, owners of the H20 Manor love the product, and we cannot hesitate to recommend this for owners of larger homes.

Brief Company History

The start of General Electric begins in 1876 when a familiar figure in history by the name of Thomas Alva Edison opened a new laboratory in New Jersey. Over the years, he would toil over one of the most well known of inventions – the incandescent electric lamp.

With the help of other businesses, Edison later created the Edison General Electric Company in 1890. Before the company became established, competition gathered which sought to capture a stronghold in the electrical industry.

By 1892, two major companies in the business merged, which formed the General Electric Company with headquarters situated in New York.

By 1896, the company became one of the original companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was new at the time. Only 12 companies earned this distinction.

In 1911, General Electric acquired the National Electric Lamp Company and would create a headquarters for their lighting division in Ohio. Radio became part of the company in 1919 when GE founded the Radio Corporation of America. In the past, GE also owned a major computer division.

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Other GE ventures included assets in television and movie, mortgage and life insurance, finance, customer service, gas and wind turbine, aircraft jet engines, and medical imaging equipment.

The GE appliance water softener and other products would later help elevate the comfort and efficiency of many household items, including the dishwasher, shower, and the water that flowed out of the kitchen sinks.

The Pros and Cons of GE Water Softeners

The best reason to purchase one of many GE water softners on the market is the quality of water transported throughout a home. In the kitchen, dishes are cleaner with less soap spots and hard water marks.

The drinking water that comes out of the faucet tastes fresher and does not cloud. In the bathroom, showers, tubs, and sinks are no longer a chore to clean, as the accumulation of hard water is reduced.

When washing clothes, garments and towels are softer, brighter, and cleaner, which as a result lengthens longevity. Additionally, water heaters suffer less hard water scale build-up and consumers also experience the differences in their pocket, as up to 25 percent less energy is consumed.

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