Is DIY Water Softener Installation Worth the Effort?

The Two Easiest "Do-it-Yourself" Water Softeners

These DIY water softener systems are easy to install. As you probably know DIY stands for "do-it-yourself."

What are DIY Water Softeners?

"Do-it-yourself" water softener systems have parts and tubings that quickly connect to each other. They snap on easily, without the need for complicated screwing and boltings.

These systems are designed to be installed right away with minimal effort and expenses, which means that you do not have to pay extra for hiring a handyman or plumber to do the job for you.

These softeners come with an installation kit complete with the necessary tools and manuals that will walk you through the task.

Warning: Don't be a Hero!

Some of us, to put it politely, are not cut out to be DIY home improvement people. (That includes me!)

If you're all fingers and thumbs, afraid of tight spaces, spiders, or the dark, then it could be a wise investment to hire a professional instead.

You don't save any money if you cause a big water leak, or break the item you've just bought!

Any Water Softener Can be a DIY Softener

It should be worth noting that, even though "do-it-yourself" water softener systems seem to be a breeze to install and to get it up and running, one should still adhere to the instructions specified in the installation manual.

If one fails to follow these installation instructions, a mistake could easily be made, then you certainly would have to get professional assistance for the installation of the water softener.

Here are two of the easiest DIY softeners.

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Easiest: Clearwave Magnetic Salt-Free Water Softener

While electronic devices are still largely unproven, the Clearwave salt-free water softener has to be one of the easiest you'll ever install.

You won't even get your hands wet, as this device attaches OUTSIDE the pipes, and uses magnetic waves to break down the calcium and other suspended particles in the water.

Whether or not it actually works is really secondary to the fact that there is no easier water softener to install on the market today.

Salt-free water softener reviews: Clearwave Electronic Saltless Water Softener is rated 3.5 stars on AmazonClearwave Electronic Saltless Water Softener: Does it really work? The jury is still out

NuvoH20 Saltless Water Softener

Salt-free water softeners are easier to install because they have no tank.

Attaching the softener head to a pipe is about as simple as it gets for a DIY water softener (but we still recommend hiring a plumber if you're unsure).

Its diminutive size (for a softener) means the Nuvo H20 can be installed in tight spaces where larger systems simply wouldn't fit.

This also turns a potential two-person job into a simple DIY fit, because components that weigh a lot on other products are small and easy for one person to manage.

You will need to shut off the water supply, and some basic tools will be necessary, but the Nuvo H20 saltless water softener is an easy DIY fit.

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