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Before you start looking for discount water softeners you need to know some facts.

You need to know:

  • How hard your water is. We recommend these water hardness test kits (opens in a new tab or window). All cost around $15-20, and may save you hundreds of dollars if you can buy a water softener more cheaply than you originally planned for.
  • How much water you use per day (the average is 80 gallons per person).
  • How often you are willing to perform routine maintenance on your unit.

Another consideration is sodium intake.

Traditional water converters add a bit of sodium to the softened water -- is this an issue for health reasons?

And of course, the price is often a very important factor for most people.

Reviews of Discount Softener Systems

Our recommendations for the best discount water softeners are based on several factors. Price, performance and easy online availability. All are offered with FREE shipping.

Aquios Whole House Softener System

+ Excellent price: An affordable whole-house solution, currently offered at 25 percent discount to the original MRRP

+ Cheap and easy to get installed: do it yourself, or hire a plumber and budget around $150 for the entire job

+ Very fast improvement in your water quality: You will notice the softer water very quickly, and begin enjoying the benefits of less detergent use, nicer-feeling skin, and no spotting on glass and metal, right away

- Not the cheapest: We found other systems (below) that are less expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, these may suit you better

Nuvo H20 Salt-Free Softener System

+ Salt-free water softener: No sodium is added to your drinking water, so you don't get higher salt content in your cooking and water supply

+ Saltless solution: No more lugging big bags of water softener salt down the steps to your basement!

+ Excellent performance: One of the best-performing of ALL water softener systems, and gaining market share as a result. You can read our full review of the Nuvo H20 Salt-Free Water Softener here (opens in a new tab or window)

- Expensive: Has increased in price since we first reviewed it, probably because it's selling so well!

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Eddy Electronic Descaler

+ Superb price: At under $200, you can't really get a cheaper whole house water softener system

+ Electronic: Descale using magnetic electronic pulses creating a chemical reaction on the water hardness

+ Zero maintenance: No salt, no calibration, nothing to do once it's installed

- Does it actually work? Some consumers are skeptical about the abilities of electronic descalers

Culligan Showerhead Water Softener

+ Super-cheap shower descaler: The cheapest way to get softer shower water, bar none

+ Immediate effect at point of use: You don't need to wait weeks, or months, to notice an effect. The water is softened the moment you use it

+ Save money on shampoo and soap: Softer shower water means less use of your body and hair wash

- Clogs: Once you have used it to the point where it becomes ineffective, the shower filter may begin to clog, letting through less water to shower in

- Does not soften other water: Only works in your shower, so your dishwasher, washing machine etc. do not have soft water

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How did your water softener work for you? Would you recommend it?

Share your experience and help others make the right choice!

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