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Award-Winning Culligan Water Softener Products

The history of Culligan water softeners begins with Emmett Culligan, who established his water treatment business in 1936 within a blacksmith shop situated in Northbrook, Illinois.

With the use of greensand, he was able to calculate the flow of water and how many grains would become eliminated through the process.

With a goal to improve water quality, Culligan has since established offices in more than 90 countries, working to also bring refreshing bottled water, filtration systems, and fixed water softeners to homes and businesses stretching across the globe.

A variety of well-known products decorate the water treatment industry, including Culligan Drinking Water Systems (filtrates 99.9% of contaminants and water impurities – even pesticides), Culligan Air System (reduces airborne bacteria, smoke and odors), Culligan Salt Saving System (recycles a portion of regeneration water), and Culligan Water Systems (battles corrosion and mineral deposit build-up).

Benefits of Culligan Water Softeners

Culligan water filterUnder sink Culligan Water Filter

When it comes to bringing home one of the many illustrious Culligan water softeners into your household, you will encounter an assortment of advantages.

A healthier level of hygiene is achieved when redness, dryness, and itchiness of the skin (as a result of hard water) is eliminated and you begin to enjoy cleaner hair after taking a shower or bath.

In regards to cleaning your bathtub, the rings or filmy residue on walls and shower doors are no more, as staining no longer becomes a problem.

As you wash your clothes, you will encounter less soapy residue and staining that is caused by the presence of rust and other minerals. Whites become whiter and colors pop with brilliance.

Culligan water softeners save time and money by lessening the energy one spends cleaning. In the end, less money is spent purchasing soaps, detergents, and lotions. Your electricity and gas bills will also see a change.

The entire household embraces soft water – right down to the dishes and fixtures in your home. These items will start to display an enhanced shine and sparkle.

Culligan also provide homeowners with a collection of products that have won numerous accolades for their performance and features.

Just to name a few - Culligan has received the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval and the recognition as a Consumers Digest "Best Buy" (by Consumers Digest magazine).

Culligan preferred series inline water filterCulligan preferred series inline water filter

Choosing a Culligan Water Softener

As you weigh the different prices and overall cost associated with water softeners, you may consider the purchase of a product within one of the following series of models:

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Platinum Series Water SoftenerM

When you are looking for the highest flow rate and capacity within the Culligan line of household softener products, you will look for models within the Platinum Series.

This unit is made with the large home in mind and also accommodates the needs of small commercial pursuits. Within this series, a full flow control valve measuring 1 1/4 permits the running of more than one water fixture at the same time with the ability to maintain a constant flow rate.

Additional features of the Platinum Series include non-corrosive pistons, a range of volume capacities, the optional patented Aqua Sensor regeneration system, and the option of Culligan's Soft-Minder meter (activates regeneration only when necessary).

There is also a limited lifetime warranty regarding the unique Quadra-Hull tank.

Culligan Medallist Plus Series

For the small to medium-sized home, Culligan provides the Medallist Plus Series, which accommodates 1" or 3/4" plumbing specifications.

Customers looking for an increased flow rate and minimized pressure loss are often satisfied with this series, as the Soft-Minder Culligan meter watches over water use and triggers regeneration only when necessary.

The corrosion-resistant plastic tank made of reinforced fiberglass makes sure the unit lasts a long time. Consumers may also choose between an array of volume capacity selections.

Culligan Outdoor Water Softeners

With a professional installation, the nearest Culligan dealer in your city exclusively provides Culligan outdoor water softeners.

Both the Gold and Medallist Series of softeners are available for this selection, which works with both 3/4” or 1” control valve requirements.

To ensure many years of reliable service, a non-corrosive piston driven control valve system elevates the allure of this Culligan selection. Once again, a consumer is able to choose between varieties of volume capacities.

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