Culligan Gold Medal Softner, and Big Blue Filter

by Ray
(Angus, Ontario, Canada)

I would NEVER DEAL WITH CULLIGAN again, and if you're wise you will not either.

I would have problems with the Culligan Gold Medal water softner and it would stop working. I would call their service and the first couple of times while it was on warranty they would send a repair man out, but I had to really insist on it to get him there, in a couple of days.

As soon as it was off of warranty, they did not care anymore, I had the attitude from THEIR office, that I could wait till they could get around to me. No promises of when that could be, usually they would say in about 10 days or so , but no promises.

Even after explaining to many different levels of management that we had Iron in the water, and if we waited 10 days the bathroom shower walls, and tub would be RED. Their answer to me was, well we can't help that sir! We will be there in a couple of weeks or so. These machines were unreliable,, and there was absolutely NO SERVICE WORTH A DAM, from this Company. I paid well over $3000. for the complete system and it was a waste of my money and time.

Finally I cut the whole Culligan system out of my plumbing and bought another unit for approx. $1200. and installed it myself, and have not had a problem since! Culligan are a bunch of HIGH PRESSURE SALES PEOPLE, and get what they can from you by OVERCHARGING for everything.

If you don't want to get financially raped by this company, look around to another company, and ask neighbors and friends their experience's. The big blue filter costs way to much, and have since learned there are much fairer priced filters out there doing just as good or better of a job. With replacement being 60% less for the filters.

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Feb 09, 2011
Culligan Gold Series
by: Tom

I have owned the Culligan Gold Series water softener for approx 5 years now. Two years ago it started leaking. Only Culligan has the parts for it so it costs a lot to fix it.

Culligan repairman stated it was 300 dollars to replace the o-rings (probably 50 cent o-rings) but cut me a break and charged me 150 dollars. It is now leaking again so I am looking for a replacement. Paying 150 dollars every two years is excessive.

Dec 18, 2010
thumbs down on culligan???
by: vern

I think Ray may be on to something.

We recently purchase a home with a culligan water softener, carbon filter, and reverse osmosis unit.

The softener is broken(3 years old) and it has been very difficult to get Culligan to return my request for service.

After repeated unsuccessful attemps to get information about the past service contract and estimates of what it will cost to repair existing equipment I get the feeling they are not interested in someone who wants to understand the system or do some of the repairs themselves.

Consequently, I have about concluded that it would be best to yank out their equipment as it breaks and install new from a company that has a decent consumer tech service, including service manuals.

I have never used their service and from my initial opinion, don't expect to.


I was

Dec 01, 2010
Culligan - Poor Quality/Service
by: Anonymous

I had the worse experience with Culligan water softener system. The pp at Culligan in my area are blood suckers, all they want was money and they care less about quality customer service. My Culligan system is less than two years old and it consistantly requires repair/service. Since it was a replacement of the original system (another bad system); there was no warranty to it. The cost to maintain it is unbelivably high and the poor service I got from the pp I bought it from was even worse. Thanks goodness there are other reputable companies in the area, and I am buying a new system for 1/2 the price of the Culligan system. Better yet, this new system is made right here in America. This got to be better than junk from China!!!

Nov 11, 2009
Agree with Ray
by: Nick B.

I have trouble with Watermaster who is an Ecowater distributer and service agent here in Saint John. I feel for this man as I had the same experience. They don't listen to the customer. I am dealint with head office now and I am thinking I am wasting my time. They gots my money so the hell with me.

Oct 22, 2009
Adding a little balance when it comes to Culligan
by: The Culligan Man

We are very sorry to hear of your negative experience with Culligan recently, and we appreciate your input on our products and services. We strive to meet the needs of all of our customers, and have a very large base
of recurring business due to our emphasis on a positive Culligan experience. In regards to the actual function of the Culligan Gold Medal Series
softener, although you claim your softener was unreliable, our research and the product's continued success place you in the vast minority of users. For example, an extra strong Quad hull tank is guaranteed for life, and has more capacity then most other units. Moreover, salt and water consumption is lowered due to the product's metered regeneration. Lastly, Consumers Digestrated the Gold Series a " Best Buy" - which is a highly regarded third-party

Although we respect Ray's right to post his review, we hope that other interested consumers would contact their local Culligan dealer, and rely on your own research.

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