Calgon Water Softener

A Different Way to Soften the Water

Calgon water softener powder and liquid is one of the oldest brands in north America.

Calgon water treatment products soften water as you do your laundry.

Over the years, Calgon water treatment claims to have prolonged the life of clothing, helped to smooth skin, and improved the results of soaps and detergents.

The company, now owned by Merck, has expanded into skincare and moisturizers.

Calgon Water Softener Products

With every wash (regardless of temperature), add Calgon water treatment products to take advantage of some of the best claimed limescale protection on the market.

The product goes into the detergent holder of washing machines and starts to work on contact.

Calgon Liquid Water Softener

Calgon Liquid Gel Water Softener loosens stains and heightens the effectiveness of laundry detergent.

It is important to add this laundry aid to washes as an extra boost when cleaning clothes.

Whites become whiter and colors become brighter with the use of Calgon Liquid Gel Water Softener.

It not only treats clothing, but also keeps the washing machine tub much cleaner.

The company claims that regular use of Calgon products will also help to prolong the life of your clothing and washing machine.

Calgon Powder Water Softener

Powder was the first form of the Calgon product line that consumers used in their washers, and it is the foundation of the company's success.

Some people are known to use the product once a month without detergent to clean out their machines.

Another household use is to pour one cup of Calgon powder into a bathtub full of water to exfoliate skin (using a loofah), which seldom leaves behind a bathtub ring.

How Calgon Water Softeners Work

While other water treatments are used as a de-scaler, Calgon water softeners are meant as a preventive measure. They are added to various appliances as you use them, rather than the water supply itself being softened.

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It is through the active ingredient, polycarboxylates, that the softening of hard water takes place, as well as the prevention of limescale formation.

Immediately, Calgon softeners start working to protect the pipes, pumps, and any additional parts of a washing machine and other items that come in contact with hard water. Water softened with Calgon helps appliance parts to last longer and perform at a higher level.

Calgon products work to remove the minerals contained in hard water that traps grime in clothing that causes their appearance and feel to become dull.

History of Calgon

Calgon launched their water softeners in 1956, although the basis of the company began during the 1800s when Jeremiah Colman started a business focused on starch and laundry.

Ten years later, a rival chemical business blossomed (headed by Johann Benckiser) that would continue to compete against Colman for nearly two centuries.

In 1968, Merck acquired all of the brands associated with the Calgon Corporation, eventually breaking up and selling the different branches.

Calgon softener interests were later sold to Reckitt Benckiser, while Calgon bath and beauty products went to Coty, Inc., and Calgon Water Management went to English China Clays.

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Dangers of polycarboxylates (downloads PDF file)

Calgon manufacturer pollution index

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