Choosing the Best Home Water Softener For You

How to Find the Best Home Water Softener for Your Needs

Choosing which model among the others is the best home water softener is actually a subjective task.

It all depends on a person's preferences, and his / her needs.

But there are some features that best water softeners all have in common.

To come up with a definite standard for choosing the best home water softener for your needs, you need to build up an understanding on how water softeners work.

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Editor's Choice Nuvo H20 Home

Nuvo H20 Studio 

Filtersorb SP3 No-Salt Water Softener 

Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System

How Water Softeners Work

First of all, the basic water softener uses a resin bead filter to physically remove particulates and minerals from the untreated water.

These filters are usually made of carbon, a material very effective at filtering the unwanted presence of metals and minerals in water. There are two kinds of resin filters: the standard, and the fine mesh types.

The filtered water is then treated using salt, in order to remove the hardness in it. The resulting soft water is then transferred to a holding tank, and from there it is circulated throughout your household's water system.

The whole process, in water softener terms, is called regeneration. You can read more about how water softeners work here. (On our site: opens in a new window)

Choosing the Best Home Water Softener for You

There are only three criteria from which you could judge the water softener that is best for your needs.

These are, namely, the softener's grain capacity, its softening efficiency and its ease of operation.

Grain Capacity

The grain capacity is the amount of hardness that it can remove from your water system. This is usually measured in grains per gallon, or the grains of hardness present in every gallon of untreated water.

There is a single crucial information that you need in choosing the best home water softener for your needs, and this is the amount of hardness in your water. This information can be obtained by having your household water tested by health experts.

Once you have determined your water's hardness, you can then set out looking for the water softener that will be able to effectively soften up your hard water.

You can do so by comparing your water's hardness level to the grain capacity of every water softener that you can find. In this step, you determine which water softener can handle the level of hardness in your household water.

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Efficiency of a water softener is measured by the amount of hardness that it can remove for every pound of salt that it eats up.

Theoretically, the best water softener is the one that can reduce the most grains of hardness using just a single pound of salt.

The reason for this is more financial than technical. If your water softener can soften more with less salt as possible, this translates to savings in your part from salt replacement expenses.

User Friendliness and Ease of Operation

To keep up with the spirit of competition, every company out there has incorporated several features into their product offerings.

This is just to make sure they don't get behind in terms of features, because people undeniably are quickly attracted to the features and specifications list when checking out products.

With the features that they are marketing their products with, each company claims to be the best home water softener provider in the market.

The question is, do these features carry enough weight in considering which water softener is best for you?

In a way, they carry some weight in the decision. Features essentially are just perks added to the basic requirements in choosing the water software that you will eventually buy.

Keep in mind to check out which features signify that the water softener is user-friendly, as this is the third important criterion for choosing your preferred model.

The product should be easy to install - as much as possible, you should be able to install it by yourself - and would be easy to use and maintain.

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How did your water softener work for you? Would you recommend it?

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