Recommend a water softner for occasional use

by Nigel
(Largo, Fl)

I have a seasonal condo and my water softener, installed 3 years ago, is now full of nasty brown sediment and the water in it is foul.

I use the condo for 3 months then it is empty for 5 months then I use it for another 3 months. When I am away the water is turned off at the mains and the softener is unplugged.

I now need to replace the current unit with one that is suitable for only occasional use. What would you recommend please?

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Recommend a water softner for occasional use

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Apr 25, 2011
Occassional softener use
by: RJ-H2o

Sunny, warm, humid Florida is the ideal environment for bacteria. Water softener resin is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Almost all water supplies have sulfates and the bacteria react with this to cause Sulfate Reducing Bacteria which smells like rotten eggs. When a softener regenerates the sodium used acts partially as an agent to kill this type of bacteria. The best softener option, if you decide to replace the system, would be a Water Right Sanitizer. This system has a chlorine generator to kill bacteria on resin and uses KDF filter media which acts as a bacteriastat while removing iron and heavy metals. The KDF also converts the chlorine back to a harmless chloride so there is no chlorine residual. You could have your system rebedded and add KDF media. Do not use salts with additives like redout, system saver etc. Instead add about an 1/8 cup of bleach to the salt tank and regenerate softener. Also the anode rod in water heater may be contributing to this problem. As it erodes a rotten egg smell can occur. If there is a prefilter before softener. Bypass softener, fill prefilter with bleach, run water throughout house, hot and cold until bleach is prevalent at all faucets, let sit for several hours then flush completely until bleach residue disappears.

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