Brown water after adding salt?

by Irma
(Live Oak, Tx)

I went about 6 months without adding salt to my water softener. I finally put salt in it and now my water is very brown (color of dark tea).

This is happening to all my faucets hot and cold. This has happened several time before. Can this be fixed?

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Brown water after adding salt?

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Apr 25, 2011
Brown Water
by: RJ-H2o

The brown water may be from oxidized iron in the water softener. This happens when iron has settled to the bottom of the softener tank and resin has become saturated with iron. When softener regenerates all the oxidized iron is stirred up and comes through system. The way to alleviate this is to use redout salt or ad iron out (for water softeners) to the salt tank. At this point adding iron out directly to the salt will probably help faster. Regenerate the softener every day for at least one week. If you have a prefilter make sure this is changed. If the water clears up then go back to normal regeneration cycles. Flush water heater several times after water clears up.

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